Suffixes: Spelling Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Suffixes: Spelling Review Study Guide


Choose the italicized word that is spelled correctly in each of the following sentences.

  1. When I'm trying to fall asleep, it's (comforting/comfortting) to have my dog curled up at the end of the bed.
  2. The party had been so highly (enjoiable/enjoyable) that he didn't want to leave.
  3. Angelique has become the best (runer/runner) in the school.
  4. Today in art class, we are (drawwing/drawing) still-life portraits.
  5. The cowboy (easily/easeily) caught the calf in his lasso.
  6. I feel like the longer the summer goes on, the (lazier/lazyer) I get.
  7. My dad makes really (tastey/tasty) cornbread.
  8. The mayor ran a very (respectable/respecttable) campaign for reelection.
  9. Marco thought we would need only one bag of potato chips for the part, but his (judgement/judgment) was incorrect.
  10. This year felt much (hotter/hoter) than last year.


Choose the italicized word that is spelled correctly in each of the following sentences.

  1. Most Americans receive (unemploimen/unemployment) insurance if they lose their jobs.
  2. Kaia whistled (happily/happyly) to herself as she painted.
  3. That has got to be the most (pityful/pitiful) looking dog I have ever seen.
  4. The (infamous/infameous) bank robber struck again last night.
  5. Shari built a website to bring (awareness/awarness) to the environmental challenges facing our generation.
  6. My mother expressed (annoiance/annoyance) at having to take out the garbage when I forgot.
  7. I have always been (envious/envyous) of Alain's natural athletic ability.
  8. The coach said that missing the competition last weekend was absolutely (inexcuseable/inexcusable).
  9. My grandmother's wedding ring is an (irreplacable/irreplaceable) treasure.
  10. Put your tray on the (conveier/conveyer) belt when you are done eating.


Choose the italicized word that is spelled correctly in each of the following sentences.

  1. Follow my (instructtions/instructions) closely and we'll get these shelves built in no time.
  2. The businessman was sentenced to jail for (trafficcing/trafficking) in stolen merchandise.
  3. The farmer had to (fatten/faten) his pigs up for the county fair.
  4. My doctor prescribed a muscle (relaxxant/relaxant) for my sore shoulder.
  5. I got a (referral/referal) for an excellent piano teacher.


In the following groups of words, decide which word is spelled correctly. Then, take the letter next to that word and enter it into the corresponding blank. The final answer will spell a famous quote from baseball player, manager, and coach, Yogi Berra.

1. A inexkusable B inexcusible C inecscuable D inexcusable
2. F drawing G drauing H drawwing I drawng
3. J relaxent K relaxant L relaksant M relaxsent
4. R unemploement S unemplymint T unemployment U umeploiment
5. M tastey N tasty O tastie P tastty
6. Q singulare R singular S singuler T singullar
7. A respectable B respectible C respectabel D respectibel
8. R easyly S eseily T easily U easely
9. A fatten B faten C fattan D faton
10. S irreplacable T irreplaceable U ireplacable V irreplacible
11. G infamus H enfamous I infamous J infameous
12. L commforting M comfortting N comforrting O comforting
13. F anoyance G annoyance H annoiance I annoyance
14. O conveier P conveyor Q convyer R conveyer
15. N traffiking O trafficking P traficking Q trafficing
16. F pitiful G pityful H pitifful I pityfill
17. A referral B referal C referel D refferal
18. D lazyer E lazier F lazeyer G lazer
19. D awarness E awareness F awarenes G awareniss
20. C instrutions D instrucsions E instructions F intrucktions
21. R hapily S happely T happly U happily
22. B enjoiable C enjoyible D enjoyabel E enjoyable
23. N runer O runner P runer Q ruuner
24. W plurel X plurl Y plural Z pllural
25. I envyous J envius K envious L enveous
26. G conjuggate H conjugate I conjugete J connjugate
27. I judgment J jujement K judgement L jugement
28. Q hoter R hottir S hotter T hottar


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