Essay Development: Writing Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Review the lesson for Essay Development: Writing Review Study Guide.

Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise: Writing a Thesis

Write thesis statements for the following essay topic assignments.

  1. Convince your teacher to allow you to work in groups for your next homework assignment.
  2. Explain an advantage of being your current age.
  3. Describe a time when you helped somebody. Why did you help that person? How did it make you both feel?

Practice Exercise: Topic Sentence

Identify the topic and the focus of the following topic sentences.

  1. Many factors contribute to a person being a good driver.
  2. Cats make good pets for many reasons.
  3. Eating too much candy can be detrimental to your health.
  4. There are a number of reasons why carpentry is a rewarding profession.
  5. You can prepare yourself for cold weather emergencies by following some simple guidelines.
  6. Eating a healthy breakfast can benefit you all day long.
  7. Following some simple steps makes it easy to create homemade Valentine cards.
  8. Specific atmospheric circumstances must be present in order for it to snow.

Practice writing a topic sentence for each of the following.

  1. Topic = protecting your eyes from the sun
  2. Focus = ways to protect your eyes

  3. Topic = running for exercise
  4. Focus = advantages and disadvantages of running

  5. Topic = taking care of potted plants
  6. Focus = steps to follow

Practice Exercise: Writing a Deductive Paragraph

  1. Now you know about the two kinds of paragraphs and how to create a topic sentence. Using this sample outline as a guide, practice writing a deductive paragraph. Remember that your outline starts generally and gets more specific with each level of information. Use a general idea for your topic sentence and then specifics for the bulk of your paragraph.
    1. Recycling can help the environment.
      1. Cuts down on consumer waste
        1. Decreases the number and size of landfills
        2. Decreases the energy and pollution used to transport the waste
      2. Not as much production
        1. Production causes pollution.
        2. Uses resources
          1. In the case of paper, production uses trees.
          2. Energy

Practice Exercise: Organizing Paragraphs

See if you can identify some out-of-place sentences in the following paragraphs.

  1. My friend and I discovered something new on our day off from school last week. We had gone down to the pond to skip stones, and while we were sitting by the edge of the water, we noticed a tiny little crab coming out of the sand. The last time I was at the beach, I saw crabs and seagulls. Neither of us had seen a crab like that before, and it made us feel like explorers in a faraway land.
  2. Watching a movie in science class would be a useful supplement to our everyday lessons. Sometimes it helps to step outside the classroom, even if only through a documentary, in order to better understand what we are learning. In math, we are learning about equations. Watching a movie would allow us to experience science in a way that is broader than the classroom allows. We could see examples of concepts that cannot exist in our relatively small room of our relatively small school.
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