Essay Development: Writing Review Practice Exercises (page 2)

Updated on Aug 25, 2011


  1. We should be allowed to work in groups for our next homework assignment because it would increase the amount we learn by giving us the opportunity to share knowledge with our classmates.
  2. This is an example of a good thesis statement for the given essay topic. If yours is slightly different, that's okay. Just make sure it has all the same basic components. Turning the assignment into a question, it would read something like, "Why should your teacher allow you to work in groups for your next homework assignment?" So, to answer the question and create a thesis statement, you would write, "We should be allowed to work in groups for our next homework assignment, because …"

  3. The advantage of being 14 is that I'm old enough to start being independent, but still young enough to have relatively few responsibilities.
  4. The question being asked in this assignment is "What are the advantages of your current age?" Whatever you think those advantages are, you should put them into your thesis statement. This is an example of how you could phrase it.

  5. My younger brother needed help with a school project, so I guided him through each step of the process, and we both ended up having a really good time together.
  6. This assignment is asking you to talk about a time you helped somebody and how it made you both feel. This is an example of a thesis statement you could create from that assignment. It doesn't matter if you thought of a different answer. What matters is that you restated what you were being asked and included whatever answer you came up with.

  7. Topic = being a good driver
  8. Focus = factors

    The topic is being a good driver, and the focus is the many factors that contribute to being a good driver.

  9. Topic = Cats make good pets.
  10. Focus = reasons

    The topic is cats making good pets, and the reasons why they make good pets is the focus.

  11. Topic = eating too much candy
  12. Focus = detrimental to your health

    Eating too much candy is the topic, and how eating too much candy can be detrimental to your health is the focus.

  13. Topic = Carpentry is a rewarding profession.
  14. Focus = reasons

    The topic is the fact that carpentry is a rewarding profession, and the focus is the reasons why it is a rewarding profession.

  15. Topic = prepare yourself for cold weather emergencies
  16. Focus = simple guidelines

    The topic is preparing for cold weather emergencies, and the focus is the simple guidelines involved in preparing for cold weather.

  17. Topic = eating a healthy breakfast
  18. Focus = benefits

    Eating a healthy breakfast is the topic, and the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast is the focus.

  19. Topic = create homemade Valentine cards
  20. Focus = simple steps

    Creating homemade Valentine cards is the topic, and the simple steps you follow to make those cards is the focus.

  21. Topic = snow
  22. Focus = specific atmospheric circumstances

    Snow is the topic, and the specific atmospheric circumstances that cause snow is the focus.

  23. There are a number of ways you can protect your eyes from the sun.
  24. Your topic sentence may be slightly different in how you phrased it, but as long as you included both the topic and the focus, then your sentence is correct.

  25. Running for exercise has advantages as well as disadvantages.
  26. You need to state the topic (running for exercise), along with the focus of that topic (advantages and disadvantages).

  27. You can follow some simple steps to take care of your potted plants.
  28. Your sentence is correct if you included both the topic (taking care of your potted plants) and the focus of that topic (the steps to follow in taking care of your potted plants).

  29. Implementing a recycling program in your school or town is a good step toward helping the environment. The large amount of consumer waste could be decreased by recycling items that we use every day. Decreasing consumer waste would inevitably decrease the number and size of landfills needed to store that waste. Also, the amount of energy used and the pollution caused by transporting consumer waste to landfills would decrease. Therefore, recycling helps the environment not only by decreasing the amount of consumer waste we generate, but by saving the energy used to transport that waste.
  30. This is an example of a good deductive paragraph that uses the sample outline as a guide. Notice that the topic sentence of the paragraph came from the most general topic you had to work with, which was "Recycling can help the environment." What makes it a deductive paragraph as opposed to an inductive paragraph is that the topic sentence is at the beginning of the paragraph, so the reader knows immediately what the paragraph will be about. The A and B topics in the outline, as well as the examples that support them, are introduced in the paragraph.

  31. The last time I was at the beach, I saw crabs and seagulls.
  32. Although the paragraph is about noticing a new kind of crab at the pond, it is not relevant that the last time the writer was at the beach, he or she saw crabs and seagulls. It's an interesting piece of information, perhaps, but it doesn't add anything to the meaning of the paragraph as a whole.

  33. In math, we are learning about equations.
  34. The paragraph is about how watching a movie in science class could be helpful to the learning process. What the writer is learning in math class has nothing to do with the topic at hand, so that sentence is definitely out of place.

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