The Age of Monarchy Practice Test

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Updated on Feb 3, 2012

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Practice Test

1. The Restoration occurred in 1660 when Charles II was crowned king of ____________________

A. England.

B. France.

C. Prussia.

D. Russia.


2. __________________ were the first nation-states to achieve true representative government.

A. Prussia and Austria

B. The Netherlands and Austria

C. England and the Netherlands

D. England and Prussia


3. What was the main reason for the expansion of the Prussian army during this period?

A. to extend Prussia’s borders by military conquest

B. to defend the Prussian kingdom from attack

C. to keep the nobility loyal to the crown

D. to win foreign wars in the American colonies


4. The English Bill of Rights was passed as a result of ___________________

A. the Restoration.

B. the Glorious Revolution.

C. the English Civil War.

D. the Exclusion Bill.


5. Peter the Great’s main reason for dictating changes in Russian fashion was

A. to modernize Russian society and culture.

B. to intimidate the boyar class.

C. to encourage Russians to travel to the West.

D. to strengthen his personal popularity among his subjects.


6. Louis XIV required the hereditary nobles to attend him every year at Versailles because

A. he wanted to prevent them from conspiring against him.

B. he wanted to consult them regularly about government policy.

C. he wanted be able to raise the army on a moment’s notice.

D. he wanted their protection in case of a peasant uprising.


7. The establishment of __________________  helped lead to the Enlightenment.

A. the Estates General

B. the English Bill of Rights

C. the Whig and Tory parties

D. the French academies


8. The War of Spanish Succession was a threat to

A. the Spanish colonial empire.

B. the monarchy of France.

C. the balance of powers in Europe.

D. the alliance between Prussia and Austria.


9. During the Seven Years’ War, England allied itself with Prussia in order to defeat

A. France.

B. Russia.

C. Spain.

D. Italy.


10. The main reason for the failure of the Fronde was the opposition of

A. the common people.

B. the nobility.

C. the clergy.

D. the army.



1. A

2. C

3. B

4. B

5. A

6. A

7. D

8. C

9. A

10. D

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