World War II in Europe

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Updated on Feb 3, 2012

Time Line

1933   Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany
1935   Nuremberg Laws deprive Jews of German citizenship
1936   Germany annexes Rhineland; Germany and Italy unite as Axis powers
1938   Germany annexes Austria
1939 August 23 Germany and Soviet Union sign nonaggression pact
  September Germany and Soviet Union annex Poland from opposite sides; Britain and France declare war on Germany
1940 May 10 Germany invades Belgium and marches into France; Winston Churchill becomes prime minister of Britain
  May 20 Allies retreat at Dunkirk
  June 10 Italy declares war on Britain and France
  July 10 Germany sets up Vichy regime in southern France
1941 June 22 Germany invades Soviet Union; Soviet Union joins Allied side
  Summer (exact date is unknown)Germans institute the notorious “fi nal solution” policy of exterminating Jews and other so-called Untermenschen
  December 11 Germany declares war on United States after Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
1943 May 13 Axis forces surrender in North Africa
  July 24-25 Mussolini deposed
  September 3 Italy signs armistice with Allies
1944 June 4 Rome falls to Allies
  June 6 D-Day; landing of American forces on Normandy beaches
  August 25 Allies liberate Paris
  September Battle of the Bulge
1945 February Yalta Conference; Allies begin bombing Germany
  March Allies invade Germany
  April 30 Hitler commits suicide
  May 7 Germany surrenders
  July Potsdam Conference


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