Using Facts and Opinions Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 29, 2011

Review the following study guide for a concept review:

Using Facts and Opinions Study Guide

Using Facts and Opinions Practice Exercises

Practice 1: Environmental Emergency! 

Read the speech, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming. When I first heard about the state's plan to build an oil storage facility and recycling plant near White River, I thought of the weekends my family spent there every summer when I was a kid. We'd camp out and fish, swim, and explore caves in the nearby woods. My grandfather taught me how to fish there. And he and I spent hours hiking in the woods, where I learned to identify local plants and animals.
(2) The river and the land around it were both familiar and unique. I learned a lot there from my grandfather, and today, I'm a grandfather. I take my grandchildren there, but it's changed. There aren't as many fish, and some animals no longer inhabit the woods. According to Dr. Ima Expert, that's because "they find it difficult to adjust to constant noise from new highways and to avoid dangers from trash left by careless hikers." My grandkids and I usually spend at least one weekend each summer cleaning up after folks who recklessly leave plastic materials that harm animals.
(3) Now, we face the danger of losing more animals from possible oil spills at the proposed facility! Our river and the animals need to be protected and preserved. The danger is real, and only we, the people, can stop it. If we allow our rich natural resources to be destroyed, our lives will be forever changed. We won't be able to undo what we have done. These new facilities will discharge waste into the river. That will impact not only our part of the river but all of it as it travels toward the ocean. Animals and nearby soil will become contaminated.
(4) We must protect our environment. So I ask each of you to join us in trying to stop the project. Please write, call, or e-mail local elected officials, and federal officials, to register your concerns. And if you really care about the environment, please join us next Saturday in a protest march to the state capital. Leading us will be TV star Mark MiWords. He grew up around here and says, "We must make sure that our grandchildren's grandchildren will be able to share the same experiences we had on the river as kids." Please, join us. Thank you.
1. What does the author of this speech want people to do?
a. help to stop the building of a new middle school
b. help to raise money to restock the river with fish
c. help to stop the building of oil and recycling plants by the river
d. help to raise money to build oil and recycling plants by the river
2. Which of these does the author NOT use?
a. expert opinion
b. testimonial
c. glittering generalities
d. name calling
3. Which of these is NOT an opinion?
a. The plant will ruin the environment forever.
b. The state has plans to build an oil storage plant.
c. If you care about the environment, you'll join our cause.
d. Mark MiWords is a really great actor.
4. Which of these is an opinion and cannot be proved true?
a. Oil can pollute water.
b. There are less fish in White River today.
c. You can have hours of fun by the river.
d. There is a highway close to the forest.
5. How does the author use personal experiences to influence people? Use at least three examples from the speech.
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