Using Facts and Opinions Practice Exercises (page 2)

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Updated on Sep 29, 2011

Practice 2: Lights! Camera! Action! 

Read these two commercials, and then answer the questions that follow.

Commercial 1: Right-Here Notebooks

Reports . . . homework . . . class notes . . . lists of things to do! Keeping all those papers neat wasn't always easy. That's why I bought this RIGHT-HERE organizer. (open) Look . . . no more messy, wrinkled, crinkled, crumpled papers (pause) and no more Mr. Ferro yelling at me for handing in ripped and "very untidy" work! Now everything's neat and in its place (looks inside) Oh, no . . . where's my math homework? (pause, then smile) That's right . . . I'm getting so efficient I handed it in already! Get a RIGHT-HERE today. . . . It'll get you organized so you get better grades!

Commercial 2: Acting Studio

[Teen and younger child watching TV movie. Younger child screams.]

TEEN: Oh . . . don't be such a baby!!

CHILD: But the guy got hurt!

TEEN: It's just make-believe!

CHILD:Well, how do they get so good at it?

TEEN: They go to acting school.

CHILD: So . . . if I go to acting school . . . I'll be in a movie?

TEEN: No, silly, then you need an agent . . . then you need to audition! If they

like what you do, then, yes, you'll be in a movie . . . but first, get acting lessons.

CHILD: I want to do it!

TEEN:Well, ask Mom about taking lessons at Dance-'n'-Arts.

CHILD: Really? They have acting lessons there?

TEEN: Yeah . . . really!

CHILD: [Calls off-stage] MOM!!

ANNOUNCER [Voice-Over]: Sign your child up today! Call 555-6070 . . . classes start soon!

6. What does the author of Commercial 1 want TV viewers to do?
a. watch a certain TV show
b. join a swimming club
c. buy a certain notebook
d. do more homework
7. Which does the author use in Commercial 1 use in the last sentence?
a. expert opinion
b. glittering generality
c. bandwagon
d. name calling
8. What does the author of Commercial 2 want TV viewers to do?
a. help save the library
b. teach in the local schools
c. build an acting school
d. take acting lessons
9. How can viewers find out if the last line of Commercial 2 is a fact or an opinion?
a. Watch the commercial again.
b. Write a fan letter to the teen actor.
c. Call the number and ask.
d. Draw a picture of the ad and see if it makes sense.
10. Imagine the teen actor in Commercial 2 was famous and said: "I studied there, and now I've got my own TV show!" Which would the commercial be using?
a. testimonial
b. glittering generality
c. bandwagon
d. expert opinion
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