Verb Conjugation: Spelling Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Verb Conjugation: Spelling Review Study Guide


In the following sentences, decide whether the verb form is (1) present tense form, (2) third person singular present tense form, (3) past tense form, (4) present participle form, (5) past participle form. Determine the form of the verb in each sentence and write the number in the space following the sentence.

  1. The Hendersons fix dinner while watching television. _____
  2. Helene and Keisha wanted an ice cream cake at their party. _____
  3. You should have taken art classes this year. _____
  4. "What's wrong?" asks Jake. "Are you upset?" _____
  5. This morning, Jose tripped on the way to school. _____
  6. The class laughed at Ricardo's hilarious presentation. _____
  7. Trish has been smiling more often since she got her braces taken off. _____
  8. My dad is driving to work this morning. _____
  9. Virginia waits at the end of her driveway for the school bus.
  10. Mr. Lin has played piano for almost 17 years. _____


Write the correct form of each of the following verbs in the blank space.

  1. I was _____ we could see each other before I left for France. (hope: present participle)
  2. My dad _____ me off at school today. (drop: past tense)
  3. Although I had _____ before, I wasn't very good at it. (fish: past participle)
  4. Montgomery _____ into the front seat of the car. (climb: third person singular present tense)
  5. What exactly are you _____? (say: present participle)
  6. Johnson's Foods _____ our cafeteria with all their fresh vegetables. (supply: third person singular present tense)
  7. We are _____ to leave around six o'clock in the morning. (plan: present participle)
  8. The ferocious lion _____ on smaller animals. (prey: past tense)
  9. I usually _____ for an hour every night. (study: present tense)
  10. Jacqueline was _____ that she didn't bring enough water for the trip. (concern: past participle)


Write the correct form of each of the following irregular verbs in the following blank spaces.

  1. The videotape _____ that there were only two people in the room on the day of the incident. (prove: past tense)
  2. Joaquin _____ some paper at the school store. (buy: past tense)
  3. I am _____ the peanut butter on the bread now. (spread: present participle)
  4. Before I knew it, I had _____ the school record. (break: past participle)
  5. The painter _____ out the scene in pencil before he begins to paint. (draw: third person singular present tense)
  6. Samantha is _____ lunch at the cafeteria. (eat: present participle)
  7. Matthew _____ ready to go shopping. (be: past tense)
  8. I had _____ my studies fall behind when I was on vacation and I had a lot to catch up on. (let: past participle)
  9. Mrs. Collins's class _____ breakfast for the whole school this morning. (make: past tense)
  10. I had _____ almost a whole gallon of water by the time the race started. (drink: past participle)
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