Similes and Metaphors Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 29, 2011

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Similes and Metaphors Study Guide

Similes and Metaphors Practice Exercises

Practice 1: Word Rhymes 

Here are three very short four-line rhymes that contain similes and metaphors. Read each, and then answer the questions that follow.

      The breeze is a messenger,
      As sweet as roses in bloom,
      That fills all the corners
      Of my lonely room.
      The sky is a blanket
      Bejeweled with diamonds so bright
      That twinkle and sparkle
      Like fireflies at night.
      The street is a river
      On which traffic can flow
      Where cars scurry like fish
      And swish to and fro.
1. In the first rhyme, the author uses a simile to compare a
a. fish to the scent of a rose.
b. breeze to the sweet smell of roses.
c. messenger to a lonely room.
d. lonely room to a windstorm.
2. Which of these is NOT a metaphor?
a. The breeze is a messenger.
b. The sky is a blanket.
c. like fireflies at night
d. The street is a river.
3. How does the author use a simile in the last rhyme?
a. to compare the street to a river
b. to compare cars to fish
c. to compare stars to fireflies
d. to compare roses to traffic
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