Similes and Metaphors Practice Exercises (page 3)

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Updated on Sep 29, 2011

Practice 3: Sibling Support 

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) Mom says I'm old enough to help take care of my little brother, Andy. I'm down with that. He's an all right kid. Oh, sometimes he drools all over my homework or gets his sticky fingerprints all over my science project or tries to chew my MP3 player, but that's okay… He's just a baby. Andy's a sponge, soaking up all the information he can about the world around him.
(2) Yesterday, while Mom is feeding Andy, the phone rings. "Honey, can you get that, please?" Mom yells. "I'm in the middle of feeding the baby."
(3) "Sure, Mom," I say, and I run to pick up the phone. It's my aunt, calling from California. Now I'm in the middle. You know, Aunt Mara tells me what to tell Mom and then Mom tells me what to say back. I feel like a tennis ball bouncing back and forth! Finally I yell, "Mom, please come talk to Aunt Mara and I'll feed Andy!"
(4) So, Mom takes the phone and hands me Andy's spoon and dish. "Thanks, Honey, you're such a big help," she says with a smile.
(5) In the kitchen, Andy's sitting in his highchair as quiet as a mouse, just waiting to be fed. I start to feed him like I've seen Mom do, saying, "Here comes the choo-choo!" while aiming a spoonful at his mouth. He opens his mouth, takes a spoonful of beets, then as explosive as an erupting volcano, he shoots it back at me! Now I have beets running down my cheeks like raindrops! I put the spoon down and wipe my face. Andy picks up the spoon, digs into the dish of food, then PLOP! Beets shoot clear across the room into the sink. I'm thinking, Wow, this kid is good! Maybe someday he'll be in the NBA!
(6) Andy is a machine, throwing spoonful after spoonful. And before long, beets are everywhere. Sage, our cat, is a bolt of lightning ready to strike, leaping in to check out this unexpected food source in her territory. One sniff convinces her that what's on the floor, which is now as slippery as an eel, isn't the good stuff!
(7) Now, Mom walks back into the room and slips on a pile of beets! She looks up at me, also as red as a beet. We both look at Andy, looking as cute as a button and saying as clear as a bell, "Beets!" Mom and I laugh, happy to know that Andy's learned a new word. Then, of course, we have to clean up the room… and ourselves. Andy? He just gurgles and drools some more, then curls up in his crib for a nap, snug as a bug in a rug!
9. The author uses the metaphor Andy is a sponge to explain that
a. he drools a lot.
b. he throws his food.
c. he takes in, or learns, new things.
d. he has learned to feed himself.
10. Which simile explains how the author felt, caught in the middle of a conversation?
a. as snug as a bug in a rug
b. as clear as a bell
c. as happy as a clam
d. like a tennis ball
11. The author used the metaphor a bolt of lightning, ready to strike to describe
a. the mother.
b. Sage.
c. the author.
d. Andy.
12. Which is a simile?
a. quiet as a mouse
b. as explosive as an erupting volcano
c. beets running down my cheeks like raindrops
d. all of the above
13. Which is NOT a metaphor or simile?
a. Andy is a machine.
b. red as a beet
c. slips on a pile of beets
d. as slippery as an eel
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