The Renal System Practice Questions

Updated on Sep 22, 2011

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Practice Questions

1. The kidneys are responsible for filtering which of the following from the blood?

a. undigested food

b. metabolic wastes

c. blood cells

d. platelets

2. The kidneys function as blood filters. Which of the following is NOT another function of the kidneys?

a. regulating pH(acidity) of blood

b. regulating blood pressure

c. assisting in the maintenance of homeostasis

d. regulating hormone release

3. The nephron of the kidney produces

a. urine.

b. ammonia.

c. nucleic acids.

d. amino acids.

4. Wastes concentrated in the tubules of Bowman's capsule are called

a. urine.

b. salts.

c. nucleic acids.

d. amino acids.

5. Drinking alcohol causes more urination because it

a. adds too much water to the body.

b. accelerates the action of antidiuretic hormone.

c. decreases the action of antidiuretic hormone.

d. increases water reabsorption.


1. b. The digestive system removes undigested food, and the kidneys remove the waste products of all the biochemical reactions that make up the metabolism, especially the wastes from protein breakdown.

2. d. The regulation of hormone release is really the function mostly of a region of the brain. The kidneys do perform the other functions listed as choices.

3. a. By filtering the blood and removing wastes, the nephrons of the kidneys produce a liquid called urine.

4. a. Urine is the name of the waste fluid in the tubules of Bowman's capsule.

5. c. Alcohol inhibits the action of the antidiuretic hormone, which causes more urine to be produced and a greater loss of water than normal.

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