Spelling Foreign Words Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 28, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Spelling Foreign Words Study Guide

Spelling Foreign Words Practice Exercises


Identify the foreign words that are spelled correctly in each of the following pairs. Since only some of these have appeared in this lesson, you may want to consult your dictionary for this exercise. Look up the words you don't know, and pay attention to the spelling—and, while you're at it, the meaning.

1. entrapruneur entrepreneur
2. stanza stonza
3. shpiel spiel
4. amigo amego
5. coux coup
6. oeuvre ouver
7. vinyette vignette
8. ingénue engénue
9. epitome apitomee
10. passay passé
11. au gratin eau graden
12. dilettante dillatante
13. callamary calamari
14. laissay-faire laissez-faire
15. ciao chiao


1. entrepreneur
2. stanza
3. spiel
4. amigo
5. coup
6. oeuvre
7. vignette
8. ingénue
9. epitome
10. passé
11. au gratin
12. dilettante
13. calamari
14. laissez-faire
15. ciao
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