Fractions Word Problems Practice Questions Set 3

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Updated on Sep 23, 2011

Fractions Word Problems

In order to understand arithmetic in general, it is important to practice and become comfortable with fractions and how they work. The problems in this set help you practice how to perform basic operations with fractions and will assist you in understanding their real-world applications.

  1. Mr. Reynolds owns acres of land. He plans to buy the property next to his, which is acres. How many acres will Mr. Reynolds own after the purchase?
  2. What fraction of the figure below is shaded?
  3. Fractions

  4. How many eighths are in ?
    1. 45
    2. 48
    3. 37
    4. 9
  5. Kim is baking cookies for a large party and wants to double the recipe. The original recipe calls for cup of sugar. How many cups should she use for the double batch?
  6. Mr. Johnson owns acres. He sells half of his land. How many acres does he own after the sale?
  7. Which of the following is NOT equivalent to
    1. 0.6
    2. 60%
  8. The local firefighters are doing a "fill the boot" fundraiser. Their goal is to raise $3,500. After 3 hours, they have raised $2,275. Which statement below is accurate?
    1. They have raised 35% of their goal.
    2. They have of their goal left to raise.
    3. They have raised less than of their goal.
    4. They have raised more than of their goal.
  9. Lori has half a pizza left over from dinner last night. For breakfast, she eats of the leftover pizza. What fraction of the original pizza remains after Lori eats breakfast?
  10. Which fraction below is closest to ?
  11. A large coffee pot holds 120 cups. It is about three fifths full. About how many cups are in the pot?
    1. 24 cups
    2. 72 cups
    3. 48 cups
    4. 90 cups
  12. An airport is backlogged with planes trying to land and has ordered planes to circle until they are told to land. A plane is using fuel at the rate of gallons per hour, and it has gallons left in its tank. How long can the plane continue to fly?
  13. A carpenter receives measurements from a homeowner for a remodeling project. The homeowner lists the length of a room as feet, but the carpenter would prefer to work in feet and inches. What is the measurement in feet and inches?
    1. 12 feet 9 inches
    2. 12 feet 8 inches
    3. 12 feet 6 inches
    4. 12 feet 3 inches
  14. The state of Connecticut will pay two thirds of the cost of a new school building. If the city of New Haven is building a school that will cost a total of $15,300,000, what will the state pay?
    1. $7,750,000
    2. $5,100,000
    3. $10,200,000
    4. $1,020,000
  15. One-fourth of an inch on a map represents 150 miles. The distance on the map from Springfield to Oakwood is inches. How many miles is it from Springfield to Oakwood?
    1. 600 miles
    2. 2,100 miles
    3. 1,050 miles
    4. 5,250 miles
  16. Robert brings a painting to the framing store to be framed. He chooses a frame with a 8 in by 10 in opening. The painting is in by in. A mat will be placed around the painting to fill the 8 in by 10 in opening. If the painting is perfectly centered, what will the width of the mat be on each side of the painting? See the diagram below.
  17. Fractions

  18. Mrs. Johnston's class broke into teams of three students each to play a game. The winning team received a pound jar of jellybeans. How many pounds of jellybeans will each team member get if the pound jar is shared equally among the three teammates?
  19. Chuck is making a patio using foot cement squares. The patio will be 10 cement squares by 10 cement squares. If the cement squares are placed right next to each other without any space in between, what will the dimensions of the patio be?
    1. 10 ft by 10 ft
    2. 20 ft by 20 ft
    3. 15 ft by 15 ft
  20. Samantha's Girl Scout troop is selling holiday wreaths. Each wreath has a bow that uses yard of ribbon. How many bows can Samantha make from a spool of ribbon that is 10 yards long?
    1. 25
    2. 4
    3. 20
    4. 8
  21. Lindsay and Mark purchased a acre plot of land to build a house. Zoning laws require that houses built on less than 1 acre take up no more than half the land. What is the largest amount of land that Lindsay and Mark's house can cover?
  22. Mr. Grove was watching the price of a stock he recently bought. On Monday, the stock was at . By Friday, the stock had fallen to . How much did the stock price decline?
  23. Where , what is the value of x?
    1. 21
    2. 6
    3. 7
    4. 18
  24. Land in a development is selling for $60,000 per acre. If Jack purchases acres, how much will he pay?
    1. $45,000
    2. $135,000
    3. $105,000
    4. $120,000
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