Frontiers in Earth Science Practice Questions

Updated on Sep 26, 2011

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Practice Questions

1. One of the biggest uncertainties to making accurate predictions of how much global warming will occur (in terms of average increase in global temperature) is

a. the role of clouds.

b. the effect of biodiversity.

c. the stirring of hurricanes.

d. the measurement of CO 2 in the air.

2. One of the surprises that came from the last twenty years was the

a. depletion of soil carbon dioxide.

b. ozone hole above Antarctica.

c. stopping of thermohaline circulation.

d. ending of the final ice age.

3. The science of sustainability will have near the top of its agenda a concern for the

a. discovery of new oil fields.

b. increased amount of nitrogen in the environment.

c. temperature of the deep ocean.

d. origin of life 4 billion years ago.

4. If sea ice melts because of global warming, thereby exposing darker water underneath, which absorbs extra sunlight and causes still more warming, we have an example of what is called a

a. thermohaline.

b. adiabat.

c. energy deposition.

d. feedback.

5. The planets that have been discovered outside our own solar system are all

a. small, like Mercury.

b. about the size of the earth.

c. bigger than Jupiter.

d. almost as large as our sun.


1. a. the role of clouds

2. b. ozone hole above Antarctica

3. b. increased amount of nitrogen in the environment

4. d. feedback

5. c. bigger than Jupiter

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