Global Trade Review Questions for AP World History

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Updated on Mar 4, 2011

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Global Trade Review for AP World History

Review Questions

  1. OPEC
    1. is an organization of Middle Eastern nations.
    2. originated after the establishment of the European Union.
    3. was founded after NAFTA.
    4. has members in Latin America and Africa.
    5. embraced all oil-exporting nations.
  2. East Asian nations are noted for the export of all of the following products EXCEPT
    1. textiles.
    2. films.
    3. automobiles.
    4. heavy industry.
    5. electronics.
  3. The impact of regional trade on global trade in the twentieth century was especially noticeable
    1. on plantations during the imperialist age.
    2. before and during the Great Depression.
    3. after the establishment of NAFTA.
    4. during the revolution in Chiapas, Mexico.
    5. during the Seattle protest against the WTO.
  4. The European Union
    1. established a currency used by all its members.
    2. originated with Great Britain.
    3. has the same basic purpose as NAFTA.
    4. does not adjust tariffs outside the European community.
    5. is a union of northern European nations.
  5. Which of the following cultures has diffused most widely during the period 1914 to the present?
    1. Japanese
    2. Russian
    3. French
    4. British
    5. U.S.

Answers and Explanations

  1. D—Both Venezuela and Nigeria are OPEC members, making response (A) incorrect. OPEC originated about 30 years before the European Union (B) and NAFTA (C). Mexico, which is not a member of OPEC, is an oil-exporting nation (E).
  2. B—The United States is a key exporter of films, whereas the other items listed are exports of Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.
  3. B—The imposition of protective tariffs in Europe and the United States during the Great Depression slowed down trade throughout the world. The plantation economies were a better example of the impact of global upon regional trade (A), as was the protest against the WTO (E). The impact of NAFTA is most noticeable in North America (C), as was the anti-NAFTA protest in Chiapas (D).
  4. C—Both NAFTA and the EU are regional trade organizations. Some European nations, such as Britain, do not use the euro (A). Britain was not among the first members of the EU (B). The EU adjusted tariffs for other world nations (D) and included northern and southern European nations (E).
  5. E—The current global culture is most heavily influenced by the United States.
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