Job Hunt Search Terms Practice Exercises

Updated on Jul 15, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Job Hunt Search Terms Study Guide

Activity 1: PICK-A-WORD

Read each statement, then circle the correct answer.

  1. The things I should highlight on my latest resume are
    1. accomplishments.
    2. mentors.
    3. negotiations.
    4. portfolios.
  2. When I ask about compensation, I'm asking
    1. how many hours I will have to work.
    2. what skills this job requires.
    3. what my work environment will be.
    4. how much I will be paid.
  3. One element that many employers want in the workplace today is
    1. an application.
    2. diversity.
    3. negotiation.
    4. a resume.
  4. If you would rather work from home on your own schedule than on-site on someone else's schedule, consider becoming a
    1. mentor.
    2. workaholic.
    3. freelancer.
    4. recruiter.
  5. Networking is the same as
    1. sharing information.
    2. working together.
    3. negotiating terms.
    4. getting a job.
  6. A mentor is primarily a
    1. critic.
    2. stranger.
    3. teacher
    4. celebrity.
  7. A collection of your work is known as a
    1. resume.
    2. promotion.
    3. recommendation.
    4. portfolio.
  8. When you ask your favorite teacher to write a letter about your best traits, you're asking for a(n)
    1. promotion.
    2. recommendation.
    3. assessment.
    4. compensation.
  9. A workaholic would most likely
    1. insist on more money.
    2. ask for part-time hours.
    3. want to telecommute.
    4. work a lot of overtime.
  10. When you resign, you
    1. leave a job.
    2. ask for a raise.
    3. increase your hours.
    4. hope for a promotion.

Activity 2: WHAT AM I?

Read each question, then choose the appropriate answer from this lesson's vocabulary words.

  1. I have more skills and experience than the job requires. What am I?
  2. My job is to match the right people with the right jobs. What am I?
  3. I am a generic term that is associated with various professions. What am I?
  4. I am the form you fill out when you go in for a job. What am I?
  5. I am what tells you if you're doing well—or not so well. What am I?

Activity 3: GET CREATIVE

On the lines below, write a story about the job application process, using at least ten of the vocabulary words in this lesson. Make sure you use the correct form of the word.

Activity 4: CROSS-A-WORD

Read each clue. Write the correct vocabulary word in the puzzle.


Across Down
1 achievement 1 form
6 collection of work 2 payment
7 evaluation 3 resolution
9 moving up 4 variety
10 role model 5 job addiction
11 quitting time 8 headhunter
12 C.V.
13 independent contractor
14 support system


Activity 1: PICK-A-WORD

  1. a
  2. d
  3. b
  4. c
  5. a
  6. c
  7. d
  8. b
  9. d
  10. a

Activity 2: WHAT AM I?

  1. overqualified
  2. recruiter
  3. occupational
  4. application
  5. assessment

Activity 3: GET CREATIVE

There are no right or wrong answers for this activity. However, you may wish to have a family member, friend, or teacher review your response and give feedback.

Activity 4: CROSS-A-WORD


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