Grammar and Correct Word Usage Practice

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Grammar and Correct Word Usage Practice

Written Practice 1

Choose a homonym from the preceding list to complete each sentence.

  1. We saw the _____ run out of the wooded area.
  2. Our troops were in _____ danger.
  3. _____ is used to stuff some pillows.
  4. The court delivered a _____ decision.
  5. Scientists finally realized that _____ was very dangerous to the health of small children.
  6. When its _____ began to peel off, we knew the tree was in danger of dying.
  7. If you drive drunk, the law will _____ punishment.
  8. I love your daughter; she's very _____ to me.
  9. Above the hat's _____ is the name of my favorite team.
  10. The teenager cried, "I can't _____ another disappointment!"
  11. Let me know when you're taking your next _____ to New England; I'll join you.
  12. My job was to _____ more supplies before we ran out of them.
  13. An attic full of _____ is always an unpleasant surprise.
  14. We didn't even know they had _____ until we saw them turning _____ at the corner.
  15. Our children always _____ to us as they back out of the driveway.

Written Practice 2

The following columns contain homophones. Read through them carefully before you complete the exercise. Then choose a homophone to complete each sentence in the exercise. Use your dictionary to find the meaning of any unknown word.

  1. As she walked down the _____, the bride was a vision in white.
  2. The orchestra had a large section of _____.
  3. The two _____, female deer, graze in my garden.
  4. What a beautiful _____ of colors.
  5. A _____ is a measure of weight for precious stones.
  6. The farmer _____s corn at the end of April.
  7. I heard from everyone; _____ expected to arrive before noon.
  8. As for you, _____ expected an hour later.
  9. The heavy machinery was delivered on a _____.
  10. I marked the missing word with a _____.

Written Practice 3

Circle the correct homophone in each sentence. If you need help, consult the extended list of homophones that follows this exercise.

  1. I always remembered the spelling of (principle, principal) after one teacher told me to think of him or her as a "pal."
  2. Please (pair, pare) the (pear, pare), and I will eat it.
  3. If something stays in place, it's (stationary, stationery).
  4. (Its, It's) another rainy day!
  5. I don't know many people who eat (currants, currents), do you?
  6. The (plain, plane) was in its (ascent, assent) when the problem occurred.
  7. The (capital, capitol) building in Providence, Rhode Island, has one of the few unsupported domes.
  8. (To, Too, Two) many children eat empty calories instead of fruits and vegetables.
  9. (Peace, Piece) seems like a thing of the (past, passed).
  10. I depend on Jeffrey to (council, counsel) me.

Written Practice 4

Choose the correct homophone to complete each of these sentences.

  1. A laundry (shoot/chute) is extremely useful.
  2. I was (fined/find) for driving through a yellow light.
  3. You'll find that (needing/kneading) dough is great exercise.
  4. The recipe says you should (mints/mince) the garlic.
  5. Did you know there was a (sail/sale) on children's shoes?
  6. With any luck, we can look forward to an era of (peace/piece).
  7. After the accident, the motorists created an ugly (scene/seen).
  8. That movie stirred me to the bottom of my (sole/soul).
  9. If I send a payment immediately, they'll (wave/waive) the fee.
  10. When you (wine/whine) and cry, it doesn't help.
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