Short Logic Practice Set 2 (page 2)

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Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. a. From the first statement, we know that bran cereal has more fiber than both oat cereal and corn cereal. From the second statement, we know that rice cereal has less fiber than both corn and wheat cereals. Therefore, rice cereal has the least amount of fiber.
  2. c. We only know that Jasmine weighs more than Jason. There is no way to tell whether Jasmine also weighs more than Jenna.
  3. c. We know from the first two statements that Tuesday had the highest temperature, but we cannot know whether Monday's temperature was higher than Tuesday's.
  4. b. Spot is bigger than King, and Ralph is bigger than Spot. Therefore, King must be smaller than Ralph.
  5. a. There are fewer oranges than either apples or lemons, so the statement is true.
  6. b. Because the first two statements are true, Rebecca's house is also northeast of the Shop and Save Grocery, which means that the third statement is false.
  7. a. Joe is younger than Kathy and older than Mark, so Mark must be younger than Kathy.
  8. c. We know only that long-tailed Gangles have spots. We cannot know for certain if long-tailed Gangles also have short hair.
  9. c. The first two statements indicate that Battery Y lasts the least amount of time, but it cannot be determined if Battery Z lasts longer than Battery X.
  10. b. Given the information in the first two statements, Bryant is sitting in front of both Jerome and Martina, so the third statement must be false.
  11. b. Because the first two statements are true, Penfield is west of Centerville and southwest of Middletown. Therefore, the third statement is false.
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