Analytical and Logical Reasoning Practice Set 1 (page 2)

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Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. b. If it is more expensive to run a medical practice in a large city than a small town, it would make sense for doctors to charge more in large cities. Choices a, c, and e are incorrect because the information in these statements is extraneous to the author's argument. Choice d is wrong because it supports, rather than refutes, the author's argument.
  2. e. The passage states that "doctors in large cities make more money than doctors in small towns or rural areas." The speaker then assumes that if doctors all charge the same, they will all earn the same, but if doctors in large cities see more patients, they will still earn more money.
  3. a. The argument is based on the idea that the government spends a great deal of money translating documents into different languages. Choices b and e make the argument somewhat weaker. Choice c offers no support for the argument. Choice d may offer some support, but choice a makes the argument much stronger.
  4. c. If most people learn English within a short period of time, making English the official language is unnecessary.
  5. d. The speaker maintains that to burn a flag is an act of freedom of speech, which is among the things the flag represents.
  6. a. If an action is not included under freedom of speech, the speaker's main argument is incorrect.
  7. b. This is the best choice because it relates to a situation where a proposed law would actually violate the part of the Constitution it is intended to protect.
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