Analytical and Logical Reasoning Practice Set 2 (page 2)

Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. a. Because the speaker is arguing that multiple guests should be allowed when fewer members are present, the purpose of the rule is to make sure members are not crowded by the presence of guests. There is no support for choices b, c, or d. Choice eis attractive, but it is not the best choice because there is no way the club could control which members would be at the club at any one time.
  2. c. Joint pain caused by physical activity and that caused by arthritis may not respond the same way to medication.
  3. e. This would indicate that the conditions of the football players and the speaker's mother are similar.
  4. c. The speaker uses analogies to compare crawling with learning arithmetic and reading and to compare walking with using a computer. The speaker is making the point that, in both cases, a child needs to learn one before learning the other.
  5. e. This evidence would back up the speaker's contention that young students should learn the basics before learning computers. Choices aand d, which are both about cost, would have no effect on the argument. Choices band care too vague.
  6. a. If computers enhance the learning of arithmetic and reading, the speaker's argument is not as strong.
  7. b. The speaker refers to the safety of children because most people are concerned about that. The speaker does not make a comparison (choice a). Choice ccan be ruled out because the speaker does not give a specific number. Choices dand eare incorrect because the speaker doesn't give an account of any specific child, nor does he or she use any method of attack.
  8. e. Since the speaker is basing the argument on the safety of children, if there were only a few accidents and none involved children, the argument is weaker.
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