Capitalization and Punctuation Practice Exercises (page 2)

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Updated on Sep 28, 2011

Set 4

For each question, find the sentence that has a mistake in capitalization or punctuation. If you find no mistakes, mark choice d.

    1. My least favorite season is Winter.
    2. Next Friday, Uncle Jake is coming to visit.
    3. Next Friday, Uncle Jake is coming to visit.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. "Can you attend next week's meeting?" she asked.
    2. His new car was damaged in the accident.
    3. The girls' giggled through the whole movie.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Leo told her, to call the customer service department in the morning.
    2. She put up signs all over town, but she didn't get any response.
    3. Occasionally, her neighbors ask her to feed their cat.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Did you see the movie Shrek?
    2. She was given an award by mayor Chambers.
    3. Math and science are my two best subjects.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. My cat loves to sit in the window.
    2. The weather has been cold lately.
    3. Deborah moved to south Dakota.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. I'm wondering when the doctor will call?
    2. Yesterday, Bill turned 40.
    3. Benjamin, my younger brother, joined the Army.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. The school bus was late because of snow.
    2. Why did you say that, since it isn't true.
    3. Cover your mouth when you sneeze!
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Rhode Island is the smallest State.
    2. "I know the answer to that!" Phyllis shouted.
    3. When you're done, put your pencils down and look up.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Please walk the dog while you're out.
    2. Lets go to the movies!
    3. Cassandra does not like spinach.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Bill seeing Betty walked the other way.
    2. This is the dog's bowl.
    3. It's a long way from home.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Don't stand in my way.
    2. Cecilia and I fought our way through the crowd.
    3. The vegetables were old rubbery and tasteless.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Remember to walk the dog.
    2. "Don't run"! Mr. Ellington shouted.
    3. It's supposed to snow today and tomorrow.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Charleen's parents worried whenever she drove the car.
    2. Who designed the Brooklyn Bridge?
    3. Diseases like Smallpox and Polio have been eradicated.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Can you find the Indian ocean on this map?
    2. Which river, the Nile or the Amazon, is longer?
    3. Lerner Avenue runs into the Thompson Parkway.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. He's the best dancer in the school.
    2. We were planning to go, but the meeting was canceled.
    3. "Okay," she said, I'll go with you."
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Does Judge Parker live on your street?
    2. Twenty government officials met to deal with Wednesday's crisis.
    3. The Mayor spoke at a news conference this morning.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. My brother, Isaac, is the best player on the team.
    2. Because of the high cost; we decided not to go.
    3. Where's your new puppy?
    4. No mistakes.
    1. I have learned to appreciate Mozart's music.
    2. My cousin Veronica is studying to be a Veterinarian.
    3. Mr. Shanahan is taller than Professor Martin.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. "You look just like your mother," Ms. Jones told me.
    2. "Please be careful," he said.
    3. Tyler asked, "why do I have to go to bed so early?"
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Do you prefer root beer or orange soda?
    2. In which year did world war II end?
    3. I like to study the geography of the Everglades.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Colds like many other viruses are highly contagious.
    2. Call me when you feel better.
    3. Did you wash your hands, Michael?
    4. No mistakes.
    1. The industrial revolution began in Europe.
    2. Is Labor Day a national holiday?
    3. General Patton was a four-star general.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Carmen brought bread, and butter, and strawberry jam.
    2. Let's look at the map.
    3. Be sure to thank Aunt Helen for the gift.
    4. No mistakes.
    1. My Aunt Georgia loves to read Eighteenth-Century novels.
    2. Eli's sister's cousin lives in Alaska.
    3. Is that a German shepherd?
    4. No mistakes.
    1. Those shoes are too expensive.
    2. Michael's best friend is Patrick.
    3. Did you hear that Inez got a new puppy.
    4. No mistakes.

Set 5

Questions 1–4 are based on the following passage. First, read the passage, and then choose the answer that shows the best capitalization and punctuation for each underlined part.

Carol walked into the (1) room switching on the light as she entered. "Where is (2) everybody?" she called. She was about to leave when she heard (3) giggling this made her stop and listen more carefully. She threw open the closet door and found her (4) friends they were only playing a prank.
    1. room; switching
    2. room. Switching
    3. room, switching
    4. room: switching
    5. correct as it is
    1. everybody," she
    2. everybody." She
    3. everybody? she
    4. everybody"—she
    5. correct as it is
    1. giggling; this
    2. giggling, this
    3. giggling:
    4. giggling? This
    5. correct as it is
    1. friends, they
    2. friends—they
    3. friends? They
    4. friends! They
    5. correct as it is

Questions 5–8 are based on the following passage. First, read the passage, and then choose the answer that shows the best capitalization and punctuation for each underlined part.

      June 2, 2006
      Melanie Jeffords
      312 Maple Avenue
      Chicago, Illinois 60632
      Mark (5) Franklin, general manager
      Wholesome Food Market
      1245 Main Street
      Chicago, Illinois 60627
      (6) dear Mr. Franklin;
      I am writing to complain about the behavior of one of your sales clerks. On (7) Monday May 22nd I visited your store to return a package of ground turkey that I had purchased the day before. When I explained to your sales clerk that the expiration date on the package was May 1st, she was (8) extremely rude and she refused to refund my money. This is not the kind of treatment I expect from your fine establishment. I hope you will make restitution and have a discussion with your staff about customer service. My receipt is enclosed.
      Sincerely yours,
      Melaine Jeffords
    1. Franklin, general Manager
    2. franklin, General Manager
    3. Franklin, General Manager
    4. Franklin, General manager
    5. correct as it is
    1. Dear Mr. Franklin.
    2. Dear, Mr. franklin,
    3. dear Mr. Franklin:
    4. Dear Mr. Franklin:
    5. correct as it is
    1. Monday, May 22nd I
    2. Monday May 22nd; I
    3. Monday. May 22nd I
    4. Monday, May 22nd, I
    5. correct as it is
    1. extremely rude, and she
    2. extremely rude: and she
    3. extremely rude? And she
    4. extremely rude and, she
    5. correct as it is
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