Misplaced Modifiers Practice

Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Misplaced Modifiers Practice


Rewrite each sentence so that the modifiers are properly placed.

  1. While fixing the broken lamp, our dog began to bark ferociously.
  2. Gladys sang with the choir with a broken leg.
  3. Sara played the Sonata in G for her guests on the piano.
  4. Covered in sauce, I saw a man barbequing on my bike.
  5. Holding hands and admiring the view, the birds chirped and the butterflies fluttered.

Homonyms, Homophones, or Homographs

Read each set of clues and figure out which words fit the descriptions. Then indicate if the word pairs are homonyms, homophones, or homographs.

  1. to move through the air/a pesky insect: homonym/ homophone/homograph
  2. a fish/a low tone: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  3. consumed/a number: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  4. to make/fruits and vegetables: homonym/ homophone/homograph
  5. permitted/audible: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  6. small/one-sixtieth of an hour: homonym/ homophone/homograph
  7. to bend at the waist/a large branch: homonym/ homophone/homograph
  8. lamp/not heavy: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  9. also/deuce: homonym/homophone/homograph
  10. still/writing paper: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  11. something in a package/satisfied: homonym/ homophone/homograph
  12. yeast, water, and flour mass/a female deer: homonym/homophone/homograph
  13. next to/to shut: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  14. correct/a ceremony: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  15. relax/the remainder: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  16. to purchase/by means of: homonym/ homophone/homographh
  17. odor/transmitted: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  18. jug/ball player: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  19. guide/heavy metal: homonym/homophone/ homograph
  20. a brief look/to stimulate: homonym/ homophone/homograph


Answers for questions 1–5 are suggestions. Your answers may vary.

  1. While I was fixing the broken lamp, our dog began to bark ferociously.
  2. Gladys, who had a broken leg, sang with the choir.
  3. Sara played the Sonata in G on the piano for her guests.
  4. While riding my bike, I saw a man covered in sauce and barbequing.
  5. As we held hands and admired the view, the birds chirped and the butterflies fluttered.
  6. fly/fly: homonym
  7. bass/bass: homograph
  8. ate/eight: homophone
  9. produce/produce: homograph
  10. allowed/aloud: homophone
  11. minute/minute: homograph
  12. bow/bough: homophone
  13. light/light: homonym
  14. too/two: homophone
  15. stationary/stationery: homophone
  16. content/content: homograph
  17. dough/doe: homophone
  18. close/close: homograph
  19. right/rite: homophone
  20. rest/rest: homonym
  21. buy/by: homophone
  22. scent/sent: homophone
  23. pitcher/pitcher: homonym
  24. lead/lead: homograph
  25. peek/pique: homophone
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