Mnemonics Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 20, 2011

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Mnemonics Study Guide

Mnemonics Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

Choose the correctly spelled words to fill in the blanks. Once you've checked your answers at the end of the lesson, create a mnemonic to help you remember each word's correct spelling. Write your mnemonics in the spaces provided.

1. The television commercial for Save Your Life Vitamins promotes the ___________that eating healthy food isn't enough to keep you healthy.
a. bilief
b. beleif
c. belief
d. bileef
2. The doctor, who is the spokesman for Save Your Life Vitamins, has appeared on the cover of numerous___________
a. magazenes
b. magazines
c. magezenes
d. magizines
3. The Save Your Life Vitamin Corporation is now facing___________for fraud.
a. prosekution
b. prossecution
c. prosecution
d. proseccution
4. The chief executive in charge of the company is in a tough___________.
a. situation
b. sittuation
c. situachun
d. sitiation
5. He sweated so much at the press conference that his skin looked___________.
a. clamby
b. clamy
c. clammy
d. clammby
6. The arresting officer in the case couldn't help being jealous of the executive's exorbitant___________.
a. salerry
b. salary
c. sallary
d. salery
7. It was a___________day for the police department when the arrest was finally made.
a. supurb
b. superb
c. supirb
d. sepurb
8. Law___________is not always an easy profession to enter.
a. inforcement
b. inforsment
c. enforcement
d. enforcemint
9. The rewards of serving the community are thought to be a___________substitute for high pay.
a. terrific
b. teriffic
c. terific
d. terriffic
10. Her sister thinks about the characters on her favorite TV show so much that it is becoming an___________
a. obsession
b. obssession
c. obsessian
d. obsessiun
Words You Should Now Know
acronym mnemonic
capital nemesis
capitol principal
cerebral principle

Extra Word(s) You Learned in This Study Guide


1. c. belief
2. b. magazines
3. c. prosecution
4. a. situation
5. c. clammy
6. b. salary
7. b. superb
8. c. enforcement
9. a. terrific
10. a. obsession
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