Capitalization Rules Practice

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Updated on Sep 14, 2011

The study guide for these practice exercises can be found at: Capitalization Help

Capitalization Rules Practice

Written Practice 1

In each of the following sentences, insert capital letters wherever they are needed.

  1. When we arrived in chicago, we quickly found out why it was named the windy city.
  2. My friend, a 5' 1'' girl, yelled, "oh, wait! I can't walk any faster in this wind!"
  3. I received a call from mother the minute we landed in chicago.
  4. I'm taking french and world history 101 at the university.
  5. i'm volunteering for four hours a week at a local grammar school.

Written Practice 2

In each of the following sentences, insert capital letters wherever they are needed.

  1. I would like to travel to seattle in the northwest on my next vacation.
  2. My friend just visited the eiffel tower in paris.
  3. Not too many people can tell you about the war of the roses, a civil war that took place in england from 1455–1487.
  4. I asked if he, a baptist, was really considering studying buddhism as i had heard.
  5. He said he didn't think it mattered by which name he referred to the supreme deity—christ, allah, or buddha.

Written Practice 3

In each of the following sentences, insert capitals where they are needed.

  1. We think that representative stephanie brown will hold a very high office in the administration.
  2. i heard the policeman say, "may I see your license, please?"
  3. As he started to say, "where is your registration," I interrupted with, "you'll want this too, officer."
  4. I knew that officer kent would say that he needed to see my registration.
  5. i didn't hear him say, "you may drive on now" and add, "but don't speed anymore."

Written Practice 4

In the following sentences, insert capitals where they are needed.

  1. corporal marylou ryan said, "i bought a ford convertible, and i'm so excited about driving it!"
  2. captain and mrs. talbott led the parade on memorial day.
  3. be sure to see gone with the wind if the movie returns to your town.
  4. we took jack's principal to Mama Mia, an italian restaurant, saturday night for dinner.
  5. he came from the southwest, but he lives in maine now.

Written Practice 5

In each of the following sentences, insert or delete capital letters wherever necessary.

  1. each year our community celebrates the fourth of july with a parade and fireworks. we hire a Professional Fireworks Company, and they never disappoint us. the displays are brilliant and loud! my son, matt, cried through the first performance we took him to.
  2. this year, matt is driving in from Chicago for the holiday with his son, alex. we're curious to see if alex stays for the whole performance. His father didn't.
  3. we've decided to go to new york for a long weekend in september. Believe it or not, i've never been to the top of the empire state building. that is first on my Agenda. we'll stay at a Hotel, but I don't know which one yet.
  4. i subscribe to the reader's digest. if I had my wish, the Publisher would serialize one of the Harry Potter books.
  5. in modern american history II, we'll study world war II and the atomic age.
  6. jeff worked for ford motor company until the plant in our town was closed.
  7. Our town has launched a refurbishing effort in center city.
  8. americans have always been proud of the declaration of independence.
  9. my children—as young as they are—are already learning chinese and spanish in school.
  10. "i don't take you for granted," he yelled. "you're just not forceful enough in our discussions!"
  11. we saw claire mcCaskill, senator from missouri, on the steps of the Senate Building.
  12. mr. reed, senator from ri, has worked hard on behalf of his state and the nation.
  13. "oh, you scared me!" she cried.
  14. the american red cross has been challenged to meet many disasters in recent years.
  15. the jamestown bridge was totally replaced.
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