Modifiers: Writing Skills Success Practice Exercise

Updated on Apr 25, 2014

Review the lesson for Modifiers: Writing Skills Success Study Guide.

Practice Exercise: Adjectives, Adverbs, and Other Modifiers

Circle the correct word in each of the following sentences. The answers to this set of questions can be found at the end of the exercise.

  1. Marta dashed as (quick, quickly) as she could to the store for some sugar.
  2. Charlotte seemed (bored, boredly) during the long meeting.
  3. The old door doesn't open as (easy, easily) as it used to.
  4. The line moved too (slow, slowly), frustrating Justin.
  5. If you ask (polite, politely), she is more likely to grant your request.
  6. The customer at the end of the line looked (angry, angrily).
  7. When the phone rang (loud, loudly), it woke up the baby.
  8. The new mattress was more (comfortable, comfortably) than our old one.
  9. Lauren played especially (well, good) at the recital.
  10. Lisa looked (careful, carefully) for any errors in the report.
  11. They searched (thorough, thoroughly) in the attic and the basement.
  12. Franklin had (fewer, less) difficulty with the decision because he had (fewer, less) choices.
  13. Josie is the (younger, youngest) of the twins and the (shorter, shortest) one in the whole family.
  14. Macaroni and cheese tastes especially (good, well) if the ingredients are mixed (good, well).
  15. The staff hasn't heard (anything, nothing) about the new vacation policy.
  16. Divide these cookies (between, among) the two girls, but split the cake (between, among) all the guests at the party.

Choose the correctly written sentence from each of the following sets.

    1. I like olives and pimentoes boiled in oil.
    2. Boiled in oil, I like olives and pimentos.
    1. While speeding along a country road, two deer dashed across the road in front of our car.
    2. Two deer dashed across the road in front of our car as we were speeding along a country road.
    1. Even Rachel sang with the choir with a broken leg.
    2. Even with a broken leg, Rachel sang with the choir.
    1. We heard about the bank robbers who were arrested on the evening news.
    2. We heard on the evening news about the bank robbers who were arrested.


  1. quickly
  2. bored
  3. easily
  4. slowly
  5. politely
  6. angry
  7. loudly
  8. comfortable
  9. well
  10. carefully
  11. thoroughly
  12. less, fewer
  13. younger, shortest
  14. good, well
  15. anything
  16. between, among
  17. a.
  18. b.
  19. b.
  20. b.
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