Multiple-Meaning Words Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 28, 2011

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Multiple-Meaning Words Study Guide

Multiple-Meaning Words Practice Exercises

Practice 1: A Day at the Park

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) It's a lazy Saturday. I'm happy just hanging out . . . doing nothing. Then my little brother runs into my room and announces, "We're going to the park!"

(2) "Have fun," I reply.

(3) "No! Get up and get ready!" he whines, and pulls my arm. "Dad said we're going to make a day of it . . . the whole family!"

(4) Dad drops us off by the park entrance and goes to park the car. I help Mom unload the picnic basket onto a table. She's packed a huge covered plate of sandwiches, a bowl of fruit, bags of chips, lots of cookies, and a gigantic pitcher of iced tea. Mom always makes extra "just in case . . . ," whatever that means!

(5) "Before we eat, will you help me fly my new kite?" pleads my brother. With a sigh, I take his hand and lead him to a good spot for flying kites. Soon the kite's airborne and looping through the sky! Suddenly, it's harder to spot because it floats behind a tree.

(6) "Is it lost forever?" asks my brother.

(7) "No, just hiding. There . . . see . . . it's back!" I chuckle as the kite pops back into view.

(8) "Dude!" I hear someone behind me say. "Just the guy I was looking for!" I turn to find Chris, one of my best friends.

(9) "I thought you went to visit your uncle this weekend!" I say.

(10) "No, he had to go away on business, so I'll catch him another time," Chris replies. "Nice kite," he adds, "but I was hoping to play ball today."

(11) "I'm in," I answer. "We're about to stop. My brother wants Dad to push him on a swing."

(12) So we find more friends to play ball. Suddenly, it's the last inning, the game is tied, and I'm at bat. I see Mom waving me to come for lunch, so there's nothing to do but hit a homer! I swing, hear the crack of the bat, and head for home plate. Then I invite the other kids to join us for lunch . . . knowing Mom had made extra! I guess this was the "just in case!"

1. What is the meaning of the word park as used in the first paragraph?

a. leave a car in a parking lot

b. sit down

c. an open, public area of land used for recreation

d. an arctic jacket

2. Which is NOT a meaning of plate as used in the story?

a. tray

b. dish

c. marker for a base

d. coat with metal

3. Which of the following words from paragraph 5 is a multiple-meaning word?

a. pleads

b. spot

c. kite

d. before

4. The meaning of back as used in paragraph 7 is

a. "a piece connected to the seat of a chair."

b. "the opposite of front."

c. "to return."

d. "to sponsor or give money to."

5. The last paragraph contains all these multiple-meaning words: play, ball, pitcher, tied, bat, swing, and head. Choose three of the words and write short sentences illustrating at least two meanings for each.

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