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  1. d.   The word pith means meat or core, and it refers here to the edible part of the coconut.
  2. b.   The passage states that Portuguese explorers thought the coconut resembled a face, because of its three dimples (like eyes and mouth) and its hairy texture.
  3. b.   The passage does touch briefly on most of these choices, but the main focus is on the many ways that coconut palms are used.
  4. a.   The passage details the many valuable uses for the coconut palm, so choice a is best. None of the other choices is implied.
  5. c.   All of the choices are included in the passage except helium balloons, which are not mentioned.
  6. d.   The word staples in this context refers to commonly used items. The best choice for "diet staples" is foods.
  7. b.   The final paragraph implies that the tree's many uses and foods earned it the name "tree of life." None of the other choices is supported by the passage.
  8. b.   Ideas are listed by topic, but there is some cause and effect as well since the passage explains the reasons for the various steps. The other choices are incorrect because the passage does not list the ideas in order of importance (hierarchical) or in the order in which they have occurred or should occur (chronological). These steps can occur in any order.
  9. c.   The passage does say that a homeowner can have an energy audit, but it says nothing about a local energy company providing that service. Choice a may seem attractive at first since those specific figures are not mentioned in the passage, but the third paragraph does say that fluorescent bulbs can save 50% on lighting costs, and $65 is almost 50% less than $135. Choices b and d are clearly stated in the passage.
  10. a.   The passage is offering recommendations about the many things homeowners and renters can do to save money and energy. The other choices may all be mentioned in the passage, but they are too specific to be the main idea.
  11. d.   The passage says nothing about an energy auditor actually fixing the flaws him- or herself, simply that the auditor will locate the flaws and offer possible money-saving solutions.
  12. a.   The fifth paragraph states that double-paned windows can cut energy costs, so we can infer that this means that they are energy efficient. The other three choices are not stated in the passage.
  13. a.   The passage is organized chronologically. The steps for starting a book club are listed in the order in which they should occur.
  14. c.   The second sentence of the second paragraph states this clearly.
  15. d.   Deciding on the club's focus—the kinds of books or genre the club will read—should be done prior to this meeting and prior to recruiting members, according to the second paragraph.
  16. b.   This is the only appropriate title. Choice a is too specific, since the passage indicates that making new friends is just one component of a book club. Choice c is incorrect because this passage does not contain numbered steps. Choice d is too vague, and the tone is inappropriate.
  17. a.   The passage states this is one possible focus but does not say successful book clubs must focus exclusively on one genre. The other choices are all in the passage. Choice c might seem attractive at first, but the passage clearly states that a focus should be chosen, even if that focus is defined as flexible and open.
  18. d.   The tone and specificity of the passage infer that a successful book club requires careful planning.
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