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Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. a. The second sentence states that routine maintenance is performed by the maintenance department.
  2. c. The first sentence states that workers are responsible for refueling at the end of each shift; this implies that vehicles are refueled at the end of every shift.
  3. d. The second sentence of the passage indicates that each driver who finishes a route will clean a truck.
  4. a. The third sentence of the passage indicates that routes vary in the length of time they take to complete. The other choices are not included in the passage.
  5. c. According to the last sentence of the passage, in the past, city workers usually drove the same truck each day.
  6. a. You will turn onto Windsor Blvd. from Wingtip Dr.
  7. b. The third sentence tells what drivers should do if the bus is ahead of schedule. The passage does not mention choice a or c, and the passengers' complaints have nothing to do with how the bus "runs."
  8. d. The whole passage deals with methods drivers should use to keep their buses from running ahead of schedule.
  9. c. According to the passage, hazardous waste is defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  10. d. The directions imply that Harris should call the supervisor.
  11. d. See paragraph 1. (Paragraphs 2 and 3 make it clear that the Vehicle Maneuvering Training Buses are simulators.)
  12. a. See the second sentence of paragraph 2.
  13. b. See the last sentence of the fourth paragraph.
  14. c. Virtually, the whole passage deals with F.A.S.T. membership requirements. The other choices are too narrow to be main ideas.
  15. a. See the first paragraph.
  16. c.This passage is a memo to employees, informing them of upcoming policy changes. It does include information on contacting Human Resources, but that is not the reason that the memo was written.
  17. d. See the opening sentence in the passage.
  18. c. All the choices are mentioned except salary caps. Not all are listed in the "bulleted" list, however—some can be found in the second paragraph.
  19. d. The memo does list some things that will be affected by the P&P, and that does include sick time. It does not, however, give details on how sick time will be changed.
  20. c. The P&P can be found in the company's employee handbook. The specific Internet address is not given.
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