Nouns and Noun Functions Practice Exercises for English Grammar

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Updated on Aug 12, 2011

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Nouns and Noun Functions for English Grammar


  1. In the following sentences, underline all nouns as shown in these examples:
      Intellect alone never provides an adequate answer.
      Actors must study voice in order to be heard.
    1. Harpo Marx was a beloved comedian.
    2. The sky seemed to be full of parachutes.
    3. Take-out cuisine features hamburgers and chicken wings.
    4. Bill wore a tweed coat that once belonged to his father.
    5. Charity begins at home.
    6. The football bounced off the statue of Hamilton.
    7. The avenue is undergoing restoration.
    8. The boring speech lasted nearly one hour.
    9. Some chairmen fail to keep order.
    10. Our puppy has black spots on its nose.
    11. His hotel was near the casino.
    12. My neighbor drives a small car.
    13. Will the world ever forget Martin Luther King?
    14. Love makes the world go round.
    15. Ballpoint pens do not flatter the handwriting.
    16. The train may get us to Chicago in time to catch the show.
    17. Mary is allergic to roses, but she still loves them.
    18. The cleaning fluid did not take out the stain.
    19. A woman who misses her bus may well be in danger.
    20. Lois found that no one would offer her a seat.
    21. Mary refused to knit the sweater for her father.
    22. Joe changed the tire and got back into his car.
    23. He washed his hands as thoroughly as he could.
    24. Bridge is not my cup of tea.
    25. Planning seems to take all my time.
  2. In the following sentences, underline nouns and identify their functions in respective order as shown in these examples:

    Utamaro was one of the greatest artists of Japan.

    The college has graduated many noted scholars.

    Rosa sent her bloodhound to the veterinarian.

    To obtain a new halfback, the manager offered his star rookie.

    Jane gives all her admirers a brief talk.

    Sven is an excellent carpenter.

    1. Librarians like to help serious people find books.
    2. McDonald had a flourishing farm.
    3. We went to the zoo on the first Monday of the year.
    4. Piano music goes well with a glass of wine and candlelight.
    5. All he said was that he thought we made beautiful music.
    6. The child ran in front of the car before we had a chance to stop.
    7. Father was annoyed because we stayed up so late to watch videos.
    8. Louis tried hard to become a painter, but only succeeded in becoming an illustrator.
    9. We rode up the mountain on a chairlift.
    10. Attending church on Sundays was the custom in our family.
    11. My wife likes to prepare elegant dishes.
    12. He knew marrying Avis would change his life.
    13. Please give Sam a ticket for the football game.
    14. I will knit Alfred a sweater even though I really should knit one for my father.
    15. In a large family, laundry day is an everyday event.
    16. Eyeglasses are not a sure sign of age; bifocals are.
    17. An Acura is not only a beautiful car, but a practical one if you can afford the initial investment.
    18. Fine wine is increasingly made of California grapes.
    19. Term papers really should be called research papers.
    20. I fail to see the advantages of microwave ovens.
    21. Sculpture is a useful and interesting hobby.
    22. Despite the advice of his doctor, Fred went on smoking cigarettes until the day he died.
    23. Cabbage is easy to grow if you have room for it in your garden.
    24. Cindy had drunk too much bourbon whiskey.
    25. The new couch fits right into our living room.
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