Nouns and Noun Functions Practice Exercises for English Grammar (page 2)

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    1. Harpo Marx; comedian;
    2. sky; parachutes;
    3. cuisine; hamburgers; chicken wings;
    4. Bill; coat; father;
    5. Charity; home;
    6. football; statue; Hamilton;
    7. avenue; restoration;
    8. speech; hour;
    9. chairmen; order;
    10. puppy; spots; nose;
    11. hotel; casino;
    12. neighbor; car;
    13. world; Martin Luther King;
    14. Love; world;
    15. pens; handwriting;
    16. train; Chicago; time; show;
    17. Mary; roses;
    18. fluid; stain;
    19. woman; bus; danger;
    20. Lois; seat;
    21. Mary; sweater; father;
    22. Joe; tire; car;
    23. hands;
    24. Bridge; cup; tea;
    25. Planning; time
    1. Librarians (subject of verb), people (object of verbal), books (object of verbal)
    2. McDonald (subject of verb), farm (direct object)
    3. zoo (object of preposition), Monday (object of preposition), year (object of preposition)
    4. Piano (modifier), music (subject of verb), glass (object of preposition), wine (object of preposition), candlelight (object of preposition)
    5. music (direct object); all (direct object of verb) said
    6. child (subject of verb), front (object of preposition), car (object of preposition), chance (direct object)
    7. Father (subject of verb), videos (object of verbal)
    8. Louis (subject of verb), painter (object of verbal), illustrator (object of verbal)
    9. mountain (object of preposition), chairlift (object of preposition)
    10. Attending (subject of verb), church (object of verbal), Sundays (object of preposition), custom (predicate complement), family (object of preposition)
    11. wife (subject of verb), dishes (object of verbal)
    12. marrying (subject of verb), Avis (object of verbal), life (direct object)
    13. Sam (indirect object), ticket (direct object), football (modifier), game (object of preposition)
    14. Alfred (indirect object), sweater (direct object), father (object of preposition)
    15. family (object of preposition), laundry (modifier), day (subject of verb), event (predicate complement)
    16. Eyeglasses (subject of verb), sign (predicate complement), age (object of preposition), bifocals (subject of verb)
    17. Acura (subject of verb), car (predicate complement), investment (direct object)
    18. wine (subject of verb), California (modifier), grapes (object of preposition)
    19. Term (modifier), papers (subject of verb), research (modifier), papers (direct object)
    20. advantages (object of verbal), microwave (modifier), ovens (object of preposition)
    21. Sculpture (subject of verb), hobby (predicate complement)
    22. advice (object of preposition), doctor (object of preposition), Fred (subject of verb), cigarettes (object of verbal), day (object of preposition)
    23. cabbage (subject of verb), room (direct object), garden (object of preposition)
    24. Cindy (subject of verb), bourbon (modifier), whiskey (direct object)
    25. couch (subject of verb), room (object of preposition)
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