Nouns and Articles Review Exercises for English Grammar

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Nouns and Articles for English Grammar

Review Exercises


In the following sentences, underline all nouns and identify them as proper or common as shown in these examples:

Mary submitted her paper in a folder.

Thomas Edison slept only four hours a night throughout the major portion of his life.

  1. The road was icy, so James advised his wife to have chains put on the family car.
  2. Siberia supports thousands of migratory deer.
  3. The Atlantic is polluted with congealed oil from New York to Portugal.
  4. Many students cannot finish college because of the high cost of tuition.
  5. Most physics textbooks, according to Lorimer, do not supply students with sufficient exercises.
  6. Theater seats in England are so inexpensive that some tourists see a play every night of the week.
  7. Rich people ordinarily find that expensive restaurants are eager for their patronage.
  8. Few lexicographers see themselves as guardians of their language.
  9. Bernard Malamud was the author of many fine stories and books.
  10. Roger Casement was an Irish patriot, an English traitor.


Give the plural forms of the words and phrases in the following list as shown in the examples. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

  1. fox __________
  2. chief __________
  3. attorney __________
  4. potato __________
  5. spoonful __________
  6. valley __________
  7. formula __________
  8. genus __________
  9. addendum __________
  10. knife __________
  11. laboratory __________
  12. vocabulary __________
  13. absence __________
  14. cupful __________
  15. babysitter __________
  16. crisis __________
  17. diagnosis __________
  18. synopsis __________
  19. athletics __________
  20. library __________
  21. Jones __________
  22. quota __________
  23. datum __________
  24. booth __________
  25. buzz __________
  26. axis __________
  27. locus __________
  28. sky __________
  29. echo __________
  30. preference __________
  31. loaf __________
  32. life __________
  33. matrix __________
  34. actuary __________
  35. basis __________
  36. neurosis __________
  37. privilege __________
  38. freshman __________
  39. parenthesis __________
  40. attorney general __________
  41. analysis __________
  42. psychosis __________
  43. thesis __________
  44. chassis __________
  45. quantum __________
  46. Smith __________
  47. symphony __________
  48. ax, axe __________
  49. secretary __________
  50. levity __________


In the following sentences, supply the missing possessive forms as shown in these examples:

    The music of the Beatles did not appeal to everybody.
    The     Beatles'     music did not appeal to everybody.
    A delay of one day will not bother me.
    One     day's     delay will not bother me.
  1. The shirt John will wear needs ironing.
  2. __________ shirt needs ironing.

  3. The performance of both teams in the first half was disappointing.
  4. The __________ performance in the first half was disappointing.

  5. Most meetings of the United Nations begin on time.
  6. The United __________ meetings mostly begin on time.

  7. He objected to the reunification of Korea.
  8. He objected to __________ reunification.

  9. Who has not admired the batting of the 1998 Yankees?
  10. Who has not admired the __________ batting?

  11. John Ruskin was known for more than art criticism.
  12. John __________ reputation extended beyond art criticism.

  13. The child of my next-door neighbor had a party yesterday.
  14. My next-door __________ child had a party yesterday.

  15. The ambitions of most men are never realized.
  16. Most __________ ambitions are never realized.

  17. The best dishes of our cook are reserved for nights when company is expected.
  18. Our __________ best dishes are reserved for nights when company is expected.

  19. The poetry of John Keats will never go out of style.
  20. John __________ poetry will never go out of style.

  21. With a little luck, the scrambled eggs my wife makes will resemble the real thing.
  22. With a little luck, my __________ scrambled eggs will resemble the real thing.

  23. At midnight on December 31, I shall be celebrating with my family.
  24. I shall be celebrating New __________ Eve with my family.

  25. The shoes Mickey wore had seen better days.
  26. __________ shoes had seen better days.

  27. Retirement for the Johnsons did not last long enough.
  28. The __________ retirement years were too few.

  29. Mr. and Mrs. Jones said all they could at the meeting.
  30. Mr. and Mrs. __________ remarks bored everyone at the meeting.


In the following sentences, identify the collective nouns as singular or plural as shown in these examples:

    Humankind is coming to a decisive era in its history.     singular    
    The public makes known its wishes slowly but forcefully.     singular    
    The remainder are going to be left behind.     plural    
  1. In many universities, athletics is funded from football receipts. __________
  2. He decided that he would have to cut the herd so its weakest members would not deprive the strongest of food. __________
  3. The class agreed that their teacher should be encouraged to permit early adjournment. __________
  4. He asked the group to take their time in reaching a decision. __________
  5. A minister may find that his congregation speaks with a single voice in parish matters. __________
  6. The team has decided to appoint a new captain. __________
  7. The opposition are meeting quietly to develop an effective strategy. __________
  8. We wonder whether the remainder is sufficient to pay her way for the rest of her life. __________
  9. The majority must soon decide how to proceed. __________
  10. His offspring are now going their separate ways. __________


In the following sentences, underscore the noun clauses as shown in these examples:

    His position is that he was not to blame.
    How he can achieve his ambition bewilders me.
  1. Whether we go tomorrow or stay depends on my wife's health.
  2. Walter insisted that we pool our remaining capital.
  3. His answers usually were whatever came into his head first.
  4. He feels unhappy about what happened during his job interview.
  5. Dick cannot be held responsible for everything his children do.
  6. This building lacks what modern architecture can usually supply.
  7. The librarian told me that the book was on reserve.
  8. When the picnic is held is no concern of yours.
  9. Whatever you do will surely affect the remainder of your academic career.
  10. Whoever attends the meeting will have a vote in the election.


In the following sentences, insert a, an, or the where needed as shown in these examples:

    She gave     the     correct amount to me, but I dropped all of it.
    The conductor found     a     discarded wallet on the floor.
    His first job paid less than $6     an     hour.
    Ellen intended to do     the     best she could.
    Acid rock is not     the     best music to play in     an, the     emergency room.
    Ballpoint pens have revolutionized __________ penmanship.     (article unnecessary)
  1. My brother asked her whether she could spare __________ few dollars.
  2. No one knows __________ trouble I have made.
  3. The defendant decided to plead guilty to __________ charge.
  4. Poverty does not always lead to __________ unrest.
  5. One cannot live on ten dollars __________ day in Europe anymore.
  6. The lawyer showed that __________ shooting was accidental.
  7. __________ hour in her company goes by in no time at all.
  8. Frederick considered it __________ honor to receive __________ Alumni Award for Service.
  9. One of __________ cabdrivers warned me not to stay at __________ Gideon Hotel.
  10. __________ ambitious young man should not work so hard that he damages his health.
  11. Writing a letter to __________ editor is not easy for most of us.
  12. One of my dreams is to have __________ seaworthy sailboat, __________ ability to operate it, and __________ time to enjoy it.
  13. Many potential investors are frightened by __________ prospect of a major economic depression.
  14. The doctor cured her of __________ tuberculosis.
  15. Nowhere else in our town can one find __________ food as good as his wife's.
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