Organizing Writing Ideas Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Organizing Writing Ideas Study Guide

Exercise 1

Read each excerpt and decide whether it belongs in an informative essay (I), narrative essay (N), or persuasive essay (P). Write the letter of your answer on the blank line.


  1. When the Bridgeville skating rink opened in 2005, my mother signed me up for ice skating lessons. My first instructor, Lauren, was a former professional skater, and she had won awards in national competitions.
  2. The Bridgeville skating rink has been a major success. Nearly every night, there is an event at the rink. Wednesdays are reserved for lessons, the high school ice hockey team practices on Thursdays, Friday nights are open to teenagers only, and Saturdays are crowded with families.
  3. The Bridgeville skating rink was the site of my first kiss. Cleveland Hunter had taken me to get ice cream, even though it was freezing in January! My best friend, Sallie, came too, because my mother wouldn't let me go alone.
  4. Bridgeville's skating rink is a dangerous place that needs more police monitoring. Bullies and gangs hang out there, making it scary for other kids who want to skate.

Exercise 2

Read the pairs of statements below, and circle the best thesis statement in each pair.


    1. It is in the best interest of students to have open-campus during lunch.
    2. Students deserve to have open-campus during lunch.
    1. The new math curriculum has been used in six classrooms this year.
    2. The new math curriculum has helped students to succeed on state tests.
    1. Mrs. Sprout is the best teacher at Rigby Junior High.
    2. Mrs. Sprout is the best teacher at Rigby Junior High because she is fair, fun, and creative.

Exercise 3

An essay has been outlined for you. Use the ideas from the outline to write a conclusion paragraph on the lines below.


Thesis: The library offers more opportunities to learn than just books.

Thesis: The library offers more opportunities to learn than just book

Detail 1: It offers films, records, and movies.

Detail 2: It hosts concerts and lectures.

Detail 3: Librarians can make recommendations and help you find special resources.



Exercise 1

  1. N. This essay would likely tell the story of the writer's early experiences with skating lessons. The first-person perspective tells you that it will be a personal narrative story.
  2. I. The first sentence asserts that the skating rink has been "a major success." The next sentences try to prove this with information and details. The third-person point of view and the lack of a strong opinion or suggested action tell you that it must be an informative essay.
  3. N. The use of first-person point of view is your first clue to narrative perspective. This narrative will tell the story of the writer's first kiss.
  4. P. In this excerpt the writer presents a strong opinion and suggests a course of action that should be taken to resolve a problem.
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