Organizing Writing Ideas Practice Exercises (page 2)

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Exercise 2

  1. a. This statement makes a clear assertion that the writer will be able to prove in the rest of the essay. The supporting details will show how open-campus during lunch is "in the best interest of students." Choice b, on the other hand, uses the phrase "students deserve." This phrase represents a stronger opinion, and it will be harder to argue with rational reasons.
  2. b. This statement is the best thesis because it makes an assertion. Choice a is a fact, so it doesn't leave anything for the essay to prove.
  3. b. The second option makes a better thesis because it includes specific reasons behind the assertion. The rest of the essay would likely explain how the writer knows that Mrs. Sprout is "fair, fun, and creative," and why these three qualities qualify her as the best teacher. Choice a is an opinion that is too simplistic to be provable.

Exercise 3

Answers will vary, but here is one possible conclusion.

The library offers many learning opportunities that are often overlooked. Besides books, there are audiovisual resources such as films, records, and movies. Lectures and concerts allow visitors to meet authors and experts. Professional librarians are also an important learning resource because they know how to locate useful information quickly. The next time you have a free afternoon, consider spending it at the library. You'll be sure to find something there to interest you.
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