Prewriting and Outlining: Writing Review Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Review the lesson for Prewriting and Outlining: Writing Review Study Guide.

Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise: Webbing and Charting

  1. Which of these ideas would go in the middle of a web?
    1. create a menu
    2. buy decorations
    3. how to plan a party
    4. make a guest list
  2. Which of the following ideas could NOT be considered a supporting idea for the topic Advantages of Time Travel?
    1. can go back and change events in history
    2. may not be able to get home
    3. can see the future
    4. would be a breakthrough in science
  3. Use the ideas in this list to fill in the blank web.
      Ride bike
      Get exercise
      Read a book
      Learn to swim
      Cool off in the water
      Fun things to do in the summer
      Bike to a friend's house
      Go to the pool
      Get to read something for pleasure
      Stay inside where it's cool

Outlining and Organizing

Practice Exercise: Outlining

  1. Which of the following outlines is correctly formatted?
  1. Put the following list in order from general to specific (1 = most general, 5 = most specific).
      My favorite mystery writer is Agatha Christie.
      Reading is an activity.
      Sometimes I read mysteries.
      My favorite Agatha Christie novel is Death on the Nile.
      I like to read.
  2. Circle the line of the outline that doesn't make sense.
      Time When I Felt Lucky
    1. What happened
      1. I lost my watch
      2. Someone returned it to me
    2. How I felt
      1. Relieved to have my watch back
      2. The clasp on the watch was broken
      3. Thankful toward the person who returned it
  3. Which of the following is NOT true?
    1. An outline is a way of organizing your ideas.
    2. Outlines start with more general ideas and get more specific with each level of information.
    3. Outlines are only necessary for certain essay topics.
    4. If an outline has an A, it must also have a B.
    5. It's helpful to weed out weak ideas before starting your outline.
  4. Format the following list of ideas for the essay topic Places I may want to go on vacation into an outline.
      The beach
      The mountains
      Building sand castles
  5. Which of the following ideas seems out of place?
      Healthier food in the cafeteria
      More time for exercise at school
      Replace soda machines with water machines
      More pizza parties
      Increase number of health education classes
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