Prewriting and Outlining: Writing Review Practice Exercises (page 2)

Updated on Aug 25, 2011


  1. c. Of the four answer choices, How to plan a party is the most general. The other three answer choices would all be steps in the planning process. They wouldn't go in the middle of the web, but rather would be connected to the middle.
  2. b. May not be able to get home is the only answer choice that could not be considered an advantage to time travel.
  3. Reading over the phrases that are being used to fill in the web, you can tell that they are all related in some way to the topic Fun things to do in the summer. Therefore, you know that should be the center of your web. Of the remaining phrases, Ride bike, Read a book, and Go to the pool are the next most general ideas. All of these activities are fun to do in the summer, so they go on the next branches of the web. Now you know that the remaining phrases will go on the outermost branches of the web. The only thing left to determine is which phrases go with which activity. Staying inside and reading for pleasure could both be related to reading a book. Getting exercise and pedaling to a friend's house are both related to riding a bike. And cooling off in the water and learning to swim are both related to going to the pool.Outlining and Organizing

  5. The third outline is correctly formatted because the A and B are in the correct order and indented correctly from the Roman numerals. The first outline is incorrect because B comes before A, and the second outline is incorrect because B should be indented under the A.
  6. 4 My favorite mystery writer is Agatha Christie.
      1 Reading is an activity.
      3 Sometimes I read mysteries.
      5 My favorite Agatha Christie novel is Death on the Nile.
      2 I like to read.
      Reading is an activity is the most general statement. I like to read gets a little more specific by stating the writer's particular preference. Sometimes I read mysteries is even more specific, because it describes the kinds of books the writer sometimes reads. Of the mysteries that the writer sometimes reads, stating that his or her favorite is Agatha Christie is an even more specific statement, and finally, defining the writer's favorite Agatha Christie novel is the most specific statement of all.
  7. b. The line The clasp on the watch was broken is out of place because it has nothing to do with the subject next to the Roman numeral that precedes it. The fact that the clasp was broken is unrelated to how the writer feels about having the watch returned.
  8. c. It is not true that outlines are necessary only for certain essay topics. No matter what you are writing about, an outline is essential for creating a clear and concise piece of writing.
    1. The beach
      1. Swimming
      2. Building sand castles
    2. The mountains
      1. Skiing
      2. Hiking
      The beach and The mountains are two places to go on a vacation, so those are going to be the Roman numerals of the outline. As for the four other items, they need to be categorized under The beach and The mountains. Skiing and hiking are both activities that would be performed in the mountains, so they belong under The mountains. Swimming and building sand castles are both activities that would be performed at the beach, so they are listed under The beach.
  9. More pizza parties
      The phrase seems out of place, because the four other phrases all relate in some way to being healthier. Having more pizza parties doesn't seem like a way to be healthier.


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