Commonly Used Nouns Practice Exercises

Updated on Jul 15, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Commonly Used Nouns Study Guide

Activity 1: HIDDEN WORDS

All the vocabulary words from the lesson are hidden in this puzzle. Look across, down, diagonally, and backward to find them.

Person Place or Thing Commonly Used Nouns

alumnus faction metropolis
boycott habitat nomenclature
charlatan heretic pacifist
condiment iconoclast prodigy
dissertation interloper restoration
epoch kindred symposium
facsimile labyrinth  

Activity 2: WORD MATCH

Match each vocabulary word on the left with a word on the right that means almost the same thing—also known as a synonym (remember that for a later section).

1. charlatan a. conference
2. facsimile b. genius
3. interloper c. city
4. kindred d. jargon
5. labyrinth e. peacekeeper
6. nomenclature f. intruder
7. symposium g. copy
8. metropolis h. family
9. pacifist i. maze
10. prodigy j. impostor

Activity 3: PICK-A-WORD

Choose the best vocabulary word to complete each sentence.

  1. If you and your high school buddies decided to get together after you graduated, you would host a(n) _____ party.
  2. If you refused to serve a certain kind of chip dip because you discovered that the company that made it didn't pay their workers well, you started your own _____.
  3. Despite the lack of chip dip, you would make sure to serve more than one _____ for the hot dogs and burgers.
  4. To get the party started, you might decide to stand up and read the fantastic _____ you wrote as part of earning your honors status in your senior year.
  5. Your teacher told you that it was so amazingly well written that a new _____ has begun in student essays, although he was rolling his eyes when he said it.
  6. Even though everyone at your party would be having fun, there would be the typical _____ who would sit in the corner, only interacting among themselves.
  7. You might be tempted to tell them to go back to their own _____, but you'd just smile and keep playing the part of a perfect, polite host.
  8. There could be a(n) _____ at the party, who doesn't agree with anyone else's attitudes or perspectives.
  9. Hopefully, your neighbors wouldn't call and accuse you of being a(n) _____ because you play music that they are opposed to in principle.
  10. After all, you'd be doing such a great job keeping the place from getting trashed that a(n) _____ would not be required.
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