Persuasion Techniques Study Guide (page 4)

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Updated on Sep 19, 2011

In Short

Throughout history, people have had a need to get others to change their minds. Writers, politicians, business people, advertisers, and special interest groups, to name a few, use persuasion techniques to manipulate their audiences. Therefore, you encounter (and use) many of these tactics every day. When you recognize them and understand how they work, you can not only resist them when you need to, but use them to your advantage.


Don't be fooled by ads with "average" people, who look and act like friends and neighbors. The ads want you to think you'll love the product those people are using because they're just like you. Remember, even if they're not professional actors, which many are, they're still getting paid to influence you!

Skill Building Until Next Time

  • Go through the latest issue of your favorite magazine. Pick out two advertisements and fill out an evaluation (like the previous one) for each.
  • Choose two familiar TV commercials. List the different kinds of persuasive advertising techniques used in each. Which technique do you think would convince most viewers?

Exercises for this concept can be found at Persuasion Techniques Practice Exercises.

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