What are Phrases Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 22, 2011

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What are Phrases Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

Identify the adjective and adverb phrases in the sentences that follow. You may check your answers below.

1. Students with ambition are usually successful.
2. The painter climbed up the ladder.
3. Her ring with the emeralds and rubies came from her grandmother.
4. I saw the squirrels scampering along the fence rail in the backyard.
5. They anchored their fishing boat about a mile off shore.

Identify the appositive phrases in the following sentences and the noun or pronoun they are modifying.

6. Her adventure story appeared in Cricket, the popular children's magazine.
7. Which Shakespearian tragedy do you like most, King Lear or Hamlet?
8. Would you please give this note to your teacher, Mr. Christopher?
9. My cousin, a sophomore at the Academy of Allied Health and Science, wants to be a physical therapist.
10. Marcie told a story about the Tasmanian Devil, an urban legend.

Determine whether the boldfaced phrase is a gerund phrase or a participial phrase.

11. Trying to be protective, Charlotte put her parakeet back into its cage.
12. Misplacing my belt with the silver buckle disappointed Dad.
13. Snoring with contentment, Hallie's cat slept on the bed by her feet.
14. Having to wait at the bus stop for over an hour every day was becoming tiring.
15. Heading this year for the Super Bowl is our favorite team, the New York Giants.


1. adjective phrase: with ambition
2. adverb phrase: up the ladder
3. adjective phrase: with the emeralds and rubies adverb phrase: from her grandmother
4. adverb phrase: along the fence rail, in the backyard
5. adverb phrase: about a mile off shore
6. the popular children's magazine; modifies: Cricket
7. King Lear or Hamlet; modifies: tragedy
8. Mr. Christopher; modifies: teacher
9. a sophomore at the Academy of Allied Health and Science; modifies: cousin
10. an urban legend; modifies: Tasmanian Devil
11. participial phrase
12. gerund phrase
13. participial phrase
14. gerund phrase
15. participial phrase
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