Grammar Phrases Practice

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Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Grammar Phrases Practice

Adjective and Adverb Phrases

Identify the adjective and adverb phrases in the following sentences.

  1. Forests with dry grass and brush burn easily.
  2. The workers on the platform worked hard in the hot sun.
  3. The picture in the antique frame was of my grandmother.
  4. The gray squirrels scampered along the fence rail in the backyard.
  5. The divers traversed through deep waters of the Caribbean.

Types of Phrases

Identify the types of phrases that are italicized in the following sentences.

  1. To conclude tonight's program, our chief of staff would like to say a few words.
  2. Wanting to save money, Lysbeth spent the morning clipping and filing coupons.
  3. Marybeth dreams about becoming a NASA astronaut.
  4. The plumber was unable to finish the difficult job in one day.
  5. Excusing the boys for their rude and reckless behavior was not an option.

Appositive Phrases

Identify the appositive phrases in each sentence and the noun or pronoun it modifies.

  1. Julie, an excellent tennis player, will be going to the state finals for the Junior American Tennis Association this August.
  2. The peanut, not really a nut but a legume, is a major allergen for children and adults around the world.
  3. Pygmalion is by George Bernard Shaw, one of my favorite playwrights.
  4. To play the marimba, a musical instrument in the percussion family, Carlo used small wooden mallets.
  5. Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians, a classic mystery, was first published in the United States in 1940.


  1. with dry grass and brush: adjective phrase
  2. on the platform: adjective phrase; in the hot sun: adverb phrase
  3. in the antique frame, of my grandmother: adjective phrases
  4. along the fence rail, in the backyard: adverb phrases
  5. through deep waters, of the Caribbean: adverb phrases
  6. infinitive phrase
  7. participial phrase
  8. gerund phrase
  9. infinitive phrase
  10. gerund phrase
  11. an excellent tennis player modifies Julie
  12. not really a nut but a legume modifies peanut
  13. one of my favorite playwrights modifies George Bernard Shaw
  14. a musical instrument in the percussion family modifies marimba
  15. a classic mystery modifies Ten Little Indians
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