Sentence Style and Clarity Practice

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Updated on Sep 14, 2011

The study guide for these practice exercises can be found at: Sentence Style and Clarity Help

Sentence Style and Clarity Practice

Written Practice 1

Rewrite the each of the following sentences by using active verbs. The first one is done for you.

  1. This was the first year that a profit was realized by us.
  2. Their approach was to play their strongest people at the beginning of the game.
  3. It is necessary to take a shopping list with you.
  4. Building your speed on the treadmill is the next step.
  5. The electric pen should be used to sign the documents.

Written Practice 2

Rewrite each of the following sentences, using active verbs.

  1. The price of gas was raised for the second time this week by that gas station.
  2. A litter of puppies was born recently from which Amelia can choose a pet.
  3. The spring flowers are blooming that I planted last month.
  4. It is believed by many people that global warming will eventually affect everyone.
  5. Weaknesses were detected by the new automotive equipment.
  6. A favorite Christmas movie is seen by our family every year.
  7. Many dogs and cats are offered for adoption by that agency.
  8. A tall fence will be placed between the Corbett and Balise properties.
  9. Radar is used by meteorologists to forecast weather.
  10. New sheets and blankets are needed for all the beds in the house.

Written Practice 3

Rewrite each of the following sentences. In each sentence, place the important idea at the end.

  1. How can I prepare for the future in a depressed economic climate?
  2. Before the banks close, let's make a deposit.
  3. You should file a police report if you are in a collision.
  4. Improving style and clarity in your sentences is something you need to look at.
  5. Sit down and reread your essay after you take time to think about other things for a while.
  6. While your creativity is flowing, the first draft is an opportunity to put your words on paper.
  7. Each department should review our joint goals after the first of the year.
  8. The likelihood of growing food locally remains the important topic of the day.
  9. The need for better art supplies in the middle school exists.
  10. We have stopped using that truck company because of the delays we experienced.

Written Practice 4

Rewrite each of the following sentences by uncovering the smothered verbs. The first one is done for you.

  1. I will send an invitation to all your friends.
  2. When you reach a decision, let me be the first to know.
  3. Do I always have to give a justification for my actions?
  4. A long time ago, I reached a conclusion that I can't please everyone all the time.
  5. We can do an inspection of the house before we move in.
  6. We shouldn't move on until we form a plan for the future.
  7. Don't give an answer unless you are absolutely sure how you feel.
  8. I give an apology anytime I offend someone.
  9. Your father holds the opinion that you shouldn't drive unless your grades improve. (Note: Find a different word for opinion.)
  10. I'll help you clean up when you reach the end of the project.
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