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Written Practice 14

In each of the following sentences, find misplaced words and descriptive phrases, unnecessary words, and illogical statements, and correct the errors.

  1. At the end of the season, the team, it gave a party for its supporters.
  2. The reason I bought this TV was because it was on sale.
  3. At that point in time, I couldn't afford one.
  4. All of the new graduates who graduated from the citizenship class met at the school for an awards ceremony.
  5. Since I despise that band's kind of music, I attend their concerts frequently.
  6. My favorite part of the afternoon was when we went through the bead museum.
  7. After signing the bill, the pen was given to one of the senators.
  8. Complicated computer problems are solved by quite precise corrections.
  9. The voters on the desk completed registration forms.
  10. The applicant's present status is perfect for our needs.

Written Practice 15

Read the following paragraph. Look for and correct unnecessary words, illogical statements, and unbalanced sentences in the first four sentences.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom it is awarded each year by the President. Even though it is important, it is the highest civilian award in the United States. People who served in WWII were honored first in 1945 by Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy was reviving the medal in 1963 on or near July Fourth when it became a yearly tradition to give it. There were two doctors, one congressman, a retired general, a university chancellor, and a judge were honored in 2008 by President George W. Bush.

Written Practice 16

For each of the following sentences, correct any errors in parallel structure.

  1. The astronauts will launch from the space center, capture the telescope, service it, and repairing it is the plan.
  2. They will service the Hubble Telescope, upgrade its parts, and replacing broken parts is an option.
  3. The Hubble was launched in 1990 and is outliving its 15-year life expectancy already.
  4. Hubble gives us colorful, crisp, and in detail images of the cosmos.
  5. Our drama teacher taught us how to stand, project our voices, and then there's moving on stage.
  6. My son learned how to play the guitar, the trumpet, and the drum was a part of his lessons, too.
  7. This new car is faster, sleeker, and it seems to use less gas.
  8. We'll know our new program is working when staff arrive on time, keep their equipment in good repair, and used fewer sick days.
  9. The leaves are greener, the grass is more lush, and the flowers they're growing taller than ever.
  10. Angie is pleasant and has intelligence.


Written Practice 1

Sample answers are provided.

1. This year we realized a profit for the first time. 2. They played their strongest people at the beginning of the game. 3. You need to take a shopping list with you. 4. As the next step, build your speed on the treadmill. 5. Use the electric pen to sign the documents.

Written Practice 2

Sample answers are provided.

1. That gas station raised the price of gas for the second time this week. 2. Amelia can choose a pet from a recently born litter of puppies. 3. The spring flowers that I planted last month have bloomed. 4. Many people believe that global warming will eventually affect everyone. 5. The new automotive equipment detected the weaknesses. 6. Our family sees a favorite Christmas movie every year. 7. That agency offers many dogs and cats for adoption. 8. A tall fence will stand between the Corbett and Balise properties. 9. Meteorologists use radar to forecast weather. 10. The house needs new sheets and blankets for all the beds.

Written Practice 3

1. In a depressed economic climate, how can I prepare for the future? 2. Let's make a deposit before the banks close. 3. If you are in a collision, you should file a police report. 4. You need to look at improving style and clarity in your sentences. 5. After you take time to think about other things for a while, sit down and reread your essay. 6. The first draft is an opportunity to put your words on paper while your creativity is flowing. 7. After the first of the year, each department should review our joint goals. 8. The important topic of the day remains the likelihood of growing food locally. 9. In the middle school, the need for better art supplies exists. 10. Because of the delays we have experienced, we have stopped using that truck company.

Written Practice 4

Sample answers are provided.

1. I will invite all your friends. 2. When you decide, let me be the first to know. 3. Do I always have to justify my actions? 4. A long time ago, I concluded that I… 5. We can inspect the house before we move in. 6. We shouldn't move on until we plan for the future. 7. Don't answer unless you are absolutely sure how you feel. 8. I apologize any time I offend someone. 9. Your father believes that you shouldn't drive… 10. I'll help you clean up when you finish the project.

Written Practice 5

Sample answers are provided.

Unless you see it in action, this advancement in science is hard to believe. People who are completely paralyzed due to illness or trauma will get help in the future thanks to the new Brain Computer Interface. Scientists can help these patients communicate with others and even use their paralyzed limbs by connecting patients' brains to a computer. Scientists have experimented with several people. Teaching a patient to move with his or her mind is neither fast nor fluid, but it can be done.

Written Practice 6

1. Don't give new uniforms to employees until the uniforms have name tags. 2. Myrna told Jodi not to go to the PTA meeting because of her terrible cold. 3. Although our new water tank holds 20 percent less than our old one, it cost 30 percent more. 4. My daughter wrote a long report and studied for a spelling test. 5. The chart at the end of the magazine article was the original.

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