Sentence Style and Clarity Practice (page 4)

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Updated on Sep 14, 2011

Written Practice 7

1. Because he is so kind, my neighbor frequently buys my family food. 2. …and now the nail is crooked. 3. …played with Priscilla's children. 4. The turkey platter was empty, but we were tired of eating turkey anyway. 5. …to Jason, and Jason looked unhappy. 6. …cake shop, she never eats cake herself. 7. …the tree, the car was not damaged. 8. …teachers, I realized that the school was not for me. 9. my grandfather, and my grandfather told me his latest health problem. 10. White and Smith made their presentation.

Written Practice 8

1. The man found his glasses in his desk. 2. The student hung a picture of a favorite music group on the wall of her room. 3. The horse with the brown spots belongs to that rider. 4. The teacher posted the notes covered in class for the students. 5. My old car in the driveway has driven 100,000 miles.

Written Practice 9

When you take your child to the doctor because the child is coughing and sneezing with asthma-type symptoms, do you really know what's wrong? Up to now, in an office visit, doctors have depended on physical exams, symptoms, and the child's history to explain the illness. Doctors use their best judgment to prescribe antibiotics, but often the antibiotics don't cure the child because the cause of the ailment cannot be pinpointed. Now, however, a new test uses the Virochip, which gives hope of understanding viruses associated with asthma attacks. A new study led by University of California–San Francisco scientists has found an unexpected number of viruses and viral subtypes in patients with respiratory tract infections (RTIs). The technique used in the study may help identify new viruses associated with human diseases and lead to specific strategies for treatment and prevention.

Written Practice 10

1. repeat 2. refer 3. facts 4. consideration 5. status 6. complete 7. history 8. between 9. in ten years 10. then

Written Practice 11

1. Juana's mother agreed to bake… 2. Mickey… play was imaginative. 3. Now we need to consider a significant budget cut. 4. I'm looking for a job because I heard that the company I work for is downsizing. 5. The department head said, "We're not…"

Written Practice 12

1. Your schedule is full, so you won't be going out for lunch. 2. I didn't return the book to the library because I hadn't finished it. 3. We were happy not to leave the house on a rainy day. 4. Now I've decided to adopt a kitten from the local animal shelter. 5. A vacation is out of the question now. 6. Then we still had our out-of-date computers. 7. Between my house and yours is a beautiful park. 8. My car has 80,000 miles on its odometer. 9. Before you offer your opinion, at least get the facts. 10. We're looking for a new store.

Written Practice 13

1. The carriage tour around Charleston was fascinating. 2. I enjoyed the ride because I love historical architecture. 3. The carriage driver was full of intriguing stories. 4. The highlight of the tour was seeing the outdoor crafts market. 5. Because it was a wonderful tour, I signed up for another one for next year.

Written Practice 14

Sample answers are provided.

1. At the end of the season, the team gave a party for its supporters. 2. I bought this TV because it was on sale. 3. I couldn't afford one then. 4. All of the new graduates from the citizenship class met at the school for an awards ceremony. 5. Even though I despise that band's kind of music, I attend their concerts frequently. 6. My favorite part of the afternoon was going through the bead museum. 7. The pen was given to one of the senators after the bill was signed. 8. Complicated computer problems are solved by precise corrections. 9. The voters completed registration forms on the desk. 10. The applicant's status is perfect for our needs.

Written Practice 15

Sample answers are provided.

The President gives the Presidential Medal of Freedom each year. Because it is considered so important, it is the highest civilian award in the United States. In 1945, Harry Truman honored people who served in WWII, and John F. Kennedy revived the medal in 1963 on or near July Fourth when it became a yearly tradition to give it. President George W. Bush honored two doctors, one congressman, a retired general, a university chancellor, and a judge in 2008.

Written Practice 16

Sample answers are provided.

1. The astronauts will launch from the space center, capture the telescope, service it, and repair it. 2. They will service the Hubble Telescope, upgrade its parts, and replace broken parts. 3. The Hubble was launched in 1990 and has outlived its 15-year life expectancy. 4. Hubble gives us colorful, crisp, and detailed images of the cosmos. 5. Our drama teacher taught us how to stand, project our voices, and move on stage. 6. My son learned how to play the guitar, the trumpet, and the drums. 7. This new car is faster, sleeker, and more fuel efficient. 8. We'll know our new program is working when staff arrive on time, keep their equipment in good repair, and use fewer sick days. 9. The leaves are greener, the grass is more lush, and the flowers are taller than ever. 10. Angie is pleasant and intelligent.

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