Plot Conflict and Resolution Study Guide

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Updated on Sep 29, 2011

Plot Conflict and Resolution

In this lesson, you'll discover how events flow in sequence to create a story about someone's problem and how it gets solved!

A PLOT IS the sequence of events in a story. The beginning, or exposition, explains a character's conflict, or problem. The main part tells how the character tries to solve the problem with rising action that leads to a climax, or turning point. That's when someone usually realizes how to solve the problem. Then there's falling action that leads to the resolution, or end. It tells how the problem is finally solved, or occasionally, it not solved. Some people might call that an unhappy ending!

Here's a look at plot parts, using the familiar story of the Pilgrims' 1620 voyage on the Mayflower

Use a plot diagram like the one on the opposite page to follow the action as you read. The graphic organizer will help you recall important facts for summaries or test questions.

Plot Conflict and Resolution

Practice exercises for this study guide can be found at:

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