Populations, Samples, and Variables Practice Questions

Updated on Oct 5, 2011

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Populations, Samples, and Variables Practice Questions


  1. The leaders of a large company want to know whether on-site day care would be considered a valuable employee benefit. They randomly selected 200 employees and asked their opinion about on-site day care. Describe the population and sample.
  2. A farmer saw some bollworms in his cotton field. Before deciding whether or not to reduce the number of bollworms by spraying his field, he selected 50 plants and checked each carefully for bollworms. Describe the population and sample.
  3. A manufacturer received a large shipment of bolts. The bolts must meet certain specifications to be useful. Before accepting shipment, 100 bolts were selected, and it was determined whether or not each met specifications. Describe the population and sample.

For each of the following, specify whether the variable is numerical or categorical. For those that are numerical, indicate whether they are discrete or continuous.

  1. a person's dominant hand
  2. the distance a car travels on a tank of gas
  3. the color of a person's eyes
  4. the number of credit card transactions at a grocery store during a 24-hour period
  5. the amount of coffee dispensed by a particular machine
  6. the manufacturer of the next car through a specified intersection
  7. the number of students in a class of 56 who turn in a term project early


  1. Population = all employees who work at the company; sample = the 200 employees randomly selected.
  2. Population = all plants in the farmer's cotton field; sample = the 50 plants selected.
  3. Population = the large shipment of bolts; sample = the 100 bolts selected.
  4. Categorical
  5. Numerical, continuous
  6. Categorical
  7. Numerical, discrete
  8. Numerical, continuous
  9. Categorical
  10. Numerical, discrete
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