Accelerated Writing Practice Test

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Just like the Advanced Writing Practice Test this practice test contains 53 questions. It contains the same types of questions, and it should take you no longer than two hours to complete. After taking this practice test and checking your answers against the answer key that follows, you will see how much you have learned. For the questions that you answer incorrectly, read the answer explanations. Good luck!

In the following sentences, circle the word(s) that makes the sentence correct.

1. George and his (friends/friend's) love to (eat/eats) pizza. 2. It seems like everybody likes (their/his) pizza crust thin, but George and his friends like (their/his) pizza crust thick. 3. I can't believe how late (it's/its) gotten. 4. Dan has (less/fewer) soup than I have. 5. (Pineapples/Pineapple's) are a tasty addition to fruit salad. 6. (She/Her) and (me/I) both wear glasses. 7. Both of my (shoes'/shoes) laces are tied in knots.

Identify each of the following sentences as either correct or incorrect.

  1. Taxes are due soon I had better get started.
  2. Because she cared so much about the plight of the homeless, Harriet decides to volunteer at a homeless shelter on the weekends.
  3. My friend was over, so my mother asked him and me if we wanted a snack.
  4. The computer, which is old, has completely stopped working.
  5. Because of the gusty winds, the bench tipped over.
  6. I slipped on the wet grass playing soccer.
  7. It's so slippery on the road that one of the car's wheels has lost its grip.

Rewrite the following sentences to make them correct.

  1. The United State's flag is red white and blue.
  2. Her and I ran a race after school, that ended early today.
  3. Everyone in the apartment building has their own mailbox in the lobby.
  4. Chad received a present in the mail its his birthday on Friday.
  5. He and his brother goes to the movies on the weekends.
  6. They went to the movies and buy popcorn.

For each of the following sentences, choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

  1. Recently, the temperatures in the area have widely, making it difficult to decide what to wear.
    1. vacated
    2. fluctuated
    3. rebuilded
    4. obstructed
    5. misplaced
  2. The fact that Mom was mad was in the way that she was standing with her arms folded.
    1. implicit
    2. maligned
    3. lacerated
    4. indolent
    5. indistinct
  3. We didn't think the play was anything special and, in fact, found it to be quite .
    1. ineffable
    2. efficient
    3. cogent
    4. mediocre
    5. amenable
  4. The cat found itself to be in a bit of a when it got its tail stuck in the fence.
    1. depression
    2. redemption
    3. rectitude
    4. predicament
    5. tirade
  5. Firefighters came to clear out the area so that nobody would inhale the fumes that were coming from the burning building.
    1. tipsy
    2. theoretical
    3. unwieldy
    4. unique
    5. noxious
  6. The professor told Casey not to write down what the professor had just said because it was a piece of information.
    1. tireless
    2. frivolous
    3. vegetative
    4. wittingly
    5. winsome
  7. The burst pipe in the basement created quite a .
    1. zephyr
    2. treatise
    3. deluge
    4. superlative
    5. solstice
  8. Oil spilling into the river may the water supply of the town.
    1. separate
    2. retrieve
    3. contaminate
    4. propel
    5. juggle
  9. In order to discover more about how the machine would work if it were manufactured, the engineer created a .
    1. junction
    2. kiln
    3. grotto
    4. fathom
    5. prototype
  10. The little girl was full of so much that she was jumping up and down.
    1. vivacity
    2. facility
    3. extremity
    4. dexterity
    5. cupidity
  11. Yesterday, there was such a sudden of hail that cars were dented and people had to run for cover.
    1. curtsy
    2. onslaught
    3. boycott
    4. adjunct
    5. digress
  12. The knight rescued the princess from the tower, proving that he was .
    1. dilatory
    2. itinerant
    3. radical
    4. gallant
    5. stagy
  13. After the player caught the ball by the edge of the woods, she had trouble herself from the bushes.
    1. tantalizing
    2. extricating
    3. satirizing
    4. originating
    5. henpecking
  14. The flowers he gave her were and were spilling over the edge of the vase.
    1. heedless
    2. exotic
    3. demented
    4. audacious
    5. bountiful
  15. Because the coin collector wanted only coins, he refused to buy fake ones.
    1. choral
    2. authentic
    3. delectable
    4. flamboyant
    5. flexible
  16. It was difficult to get the bookcase into the house because it was so large and .
    1. unwieldy
    2. globular
    3. ghastly
    4. exigent
    5. cursory

Identify the topic and focus of the following topic sentences. Circle the topic and put a box around the focus.

  1. Learning to swim is not difficult if you follow some simple steps.
  2. There are many reasons why watching dog shows on television is enjoyable.
  3. Every household should have a smoke detector for a number of reasons.
  4. There are a number of ways you can make macaroni and cheese.
  5. By following some simple steps, a person can increase his or her vocabulary.

Write a topic sentence using each topic and focus listed.

  1. Topic = starting a lemonade stand
  2. Focus = steps to create a lemonade stand

  3. Topic = developing your own photographs
  4. Focus = steps in the process

  5. Topic = seeing an eye doctor
  6. Focus = reasons it's beneficial

  7. Topic = being a good student
  8. Focus = factors that contribute

  9. Topic = revising and editing
  10. Focus = ways they strengthen your essay

Choose the correct answer to the following multiple-choice questions.

  1. The topic sentence of a deductive paragraph is .
    1. optional
    2. at the end
    3. more important than a thesis
    4. at the beginning
    5. none of the above
  2. Using only inductive paragraphs can make your writing seem .
    1. exciting
    2. intelligent
    3. dull
    4. naïve
    5. creative

Read the following paragraph and then answer the questions that follow.

    A person must prepare in many ways to be able to run a marathon successfully. Marathons are 26.2-mile running races that take place all over the world. Recently, there was a marathon in New York. Marathons are so difficult to complete that a person must be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared. A marathon runner must physically prepare by running almost every day for months in advance. Each run should get longer and longer to prepare the body for the 26.2-mile run. Visualizations are used to prepare mentally. For example, a runner may visualize him- or herself crossing the finish line without trouble. For emotional support, a runner may surround him- or herself with other runners who are having similar experiences or people who support his or her goal of completing the race.
  1. What is the topic sentence of the paragraph?
  2. What kind of paragraph is this?
    1. inductive
    2. deductive
  3. Which sentence in the paragraph is out of place and should be omitted?

Write an essay for each of the following writing prompts.

  1. Many careers involve serving the community in some way. Think of a career that involves serving the community. Would you like to have that career? Explain why you would or would not enjoy that career.
  2. Sometimes the weather can alter our plans for the day. Think of a time when you had to change your plans because of the weather. What was your original plan? What kind of weather event occurred? What was your new plan? Describe how the weather altered your plans for the day.
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