Grammar Success Practice Test

Updated on Sep 8, 2011

Grammar Success Practice Test

Take this grammar practice test. Take as much time as you need to finish. When you do, check your answers against the correct answers in the section that follows it.

If you took the Grammar Review Practice Test, you can compare your scores.

Practice Test

  1. Circle the common nouns.
      pillow jealousy fruit
      guilt kindness breathe
      information clapping mindless
      FBI cute razor
  2. Circle the abstract nouns.
      knowledge log pleasure
      deceit pilot jury
      malice money banana split
      carrots warmth hope
  3. Circle the proper nouns.
      Violin Chair President Obama
      Harvard Sabrina Memphis
      Lunch Earth Idaho
      NBC Lamps Pacific
  4. Circle the nouns that are pluralized correctly.
      televisions flys mouses
      womans tooths analyses
      ferries deers igloos
      knifes pluses volcanoes
  5. Circle the hyphenated nouns that are spelled correctly.
      frees-for-all not-for-profits
      vote-getters passer-bys
      fathers-in-law voice-overs
  6. Circle the nouns that have been made possessive correctly.
      horse's ant's doctors'
      kittens's bus's teachers'
      children's classes' Max's
      band's child's class's
  7. Circle the antecedents/pronouns that properly agree in gender.
      Matt/her lizard/it
      mice/they Cheryl/she
      students/it you and I/we
  8. Circle the antecedents/pronouns that properly agree in number.
      kites/they everyone/it Paul and I/we
      fishermen/they company/it deer/it
      each/we player/we deer/they
  9. Circle the interrogative pronouns.
      where when who
      whom whoever whose
      how which whatever
  10. Circle the subjective case pronouns.
      They gave me the Miss Congeniality award!
      She never seems to have time to visit her old neighborhood.
      We picked a lot of peaches from our trees.
  11. Circle the objective case pronouns.
      We lent it to him.
      Give me a sign.
      He cooked them ravioli.
  12. Circle the reflexive case pronouns and underline the possessive case pronouns.
      Andrew questioned himself about his decision to buy the treadmill.
      His decision about buying the treadmill was rash.
      Heather herself wondered what prompted him to buy it.
  13. Circle the demonstrative pronoun and underline the relative pronouns.
      This isn't a good way to spend the money that you saved!
      Is that the neighbor who drove you home from the airport?
  14. Circle the action verbs.
      look talk help cook
      just draw itch be
      moisten should may geranium
  15. Circle the linking verbs.
      take can now not
      never will are could
      would am how did
  16. Circle the regular verbs and underline the irregular verbs.
      injure lock carry write
      untie hide mow drive
      know grow cost throw
  17. Circle the correct form of lay/lie in each sentence.
      Sammy usually (lays, lies) his schoolbooks on his desk.
      This mysterious trunk has (lain, laid) untouched in this attic for decades.
      The shopkeeper (laid, lain) his apron on the counter before locking up for the night.
  18. Circle the correct form of sit/set in each sentence.
      Janice is (setting, sitting) the table before her guests arrive.
      Jim (sat, set) down in the comfortable chair and took a short nap.
      We had (set, sat) our glasses of lemonade on the orange coasters beside us.
  19. Circle the correct tricky words in each sentence.
      "Mom, (can, may) I sell some of this old jewelry online?" I asked.
      He answered every question on the exam correctly (accept, except) the last one.
      Marcy, Chris, and I (hanged, hung) out at the mall almost all day Saturday.
  20. Identify the tense of the verbs that follow as present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect, future perfect, present progressive, past progressive, or future progressive.
      am swimming had swum
      will have swum swam
      have swum will swim
      were swimming swims
  21. Circle the common adjectives in the following sentences.
      Sanjay lent his laptop computer to his longtime friend Benjamin.
      Soccer is the most popular sport in the world; however, Nathan prefers tennis.
      Elvis was a legendary rock-and-roll performer who was loved by people everywhere.
  22. Place the correct indefinite article in front of each noun.
      ___ hen ___ hour-long lecture
      ___ honorable person ___ universe
      ___ one-car family ___ wristwatch
      ___ orthodontist ___ upperclassman
      ___ honeybee ___ elegant dinner
      ___ orangutan ___ underwater city
      ___ ozone layer ___ opinion
      ___ umbrella
  23. Change the following proper nouns into proper adjectives.
      Greece Mexico Asia
      Idaho Denmark Hawaii
      North America Florida France
      Washington Belgium Vietnam
      Japan Maya Britain
  24. Determine whether the boldfaced word in each sentence is a possessive pronoun or a possessive adjective.
      I showed Charles my coin collection, and he told me about his.
      Her kindness was undeniable; she would always share what was hers with others.
      Our hunch was that the deed was really theirs, but only time would tell.
  25. Determine whether the boldfaced word in each sentence is a demonstrative pronoun or a demonstrative adjective.
      That storm isn't moving fast enough to suit me.
      Hand me those, please, before you drop them.
      This has got to be the fastest time you've recorded yet.
  26. Determine which form of comparative or superlative adjective best completes each sentence.
      The (cooler, coolest) day yet this week was Wednesday, and it was 97 degrees.
      Yuck! This rock is (slimy, slimier) than the other one.
      My shoes are the (narrower, narrowest) of all.
  27. Circle the correct form of the comparative and superlative adverbs in the following sentences.
      Of the three jockeys, Marco rode (more cautiously, most cautiously) during the race.
      My flight from L.A. to Tucson seemed (longer, longest) than the one from Tucson to New York.
      People said my coconut custard pie tasted (good, well); in fact Sam said it tasted (better, gooder) than his mom's!
  28. Determine whether the boldfaced word in the sentence is an adjective or an adverb.
      Lori told Joe not to be too hard on himself.
      Living in close quarters can be difficult for some.
      Kyle went straight home after the movie.
  29. Identify the prepositional phrases in the following sentences.
      Termites were found all around the building.
      Without a word, he finished dinner and went upstairs to his room.
      We drove around the back to drop off the heaviest packages first.
  30. Determine whether the boldfaced word is a preposition or an adverb.
      If you spin around quickly, you'll probably get dizzy.
      We went out for ice cream when the show was over.
      She walked quickly across the room to see what had crashed to the floor.
  31. Rewrite each sentence so that the misplaced modifiers are properly placed.
      Having been burned to a crisp, the chef threw the roast into the sink.
      Crocks of onion soup were served to the guests dripping with cheese.
      At the age of five, Kerry's parents brought her to Disney World.
  32. Using the clues, write the homonyms or homographs.
      group of cattle/listened
      give a lecture/where you live stumble/an excursion
      passed away/changed the color fair-minded/barely
      shoreline/glide without power
      authentic/spool of film
      behavior/run an experiment
  33. Identify the simple subject in the following sentences.
      Animals that sleep during the day and are awake at night are called nocturnal.
      Artificial intelligence is used not only in games, but for medical purposes as well.
      Please stop.
      Most liked it, although some did not.
      Although he lives on his own, Mike still likes coming home once in a while.
  34. Identify the simple predicate in the following sentences.
      Jane played hopscotch all afternoon.
      Stand still, please.
      We spotted a turtle on a rock nearby.
  35. Identify whether the boldfaced word is a direct or an indirect object in the following sentences.
      The orchestra played several Beethoven pieces.
      The townspeople gave the sheriff a welcoming ovation.
      The judge gave the contest finalists extra time to prepare for the last round.
  36. Identify the predicate nouns and predicate adjectives in the following sentences.
      On the hot summer day, Jay's turkey and mayo sandwich turned bad.
      Cockatiels can become speaking birds if trained well.
      Judy was a pie chef who entered and won many contests.
  37. Identify the verb that correctly completes the following sentences.
      Bacon and eggs (are, is) the favorite dish of many people who stop at our diner.
      Kara and Maria (try, tries) out for the community theater's musical production every year.
      Science fiction or mystery (are, is) the only choice of genre left to choose from for my report.
  38. Identify the verb that will agree with the indefinite pronouns in the following sentences.
      Everyone (go, goes) to the prom each year.
      Something (need, needs) to be done about that leak.
      While each (prefers, prefer) to eat yogurt, the time of day it's eaten varies widely.
  39. Determine which pronoun best fits for proper pronoun/antecedent agreement in each sentence.
      The group took _____ yearly retreat to Maine.
      Everyone carefully opened _____ package.
      The puppy wagged _____ tail eagerly when it saw the mailman at the door.
  40. Identify the adjective and adverb phrases in the following sentences.
      Some of the shoes on the far shelf cost more than $300.
      The airline representative said the flight should arrive within the hour.
      Even though I hung the picture up carefully, it still fell from the wall.
  41. Identify the participial phrases, infinitive phrases, and gerund phrases in the following sentences.
      Becoming an accomplished pianist has always been Victoria's plan.
      To avoid slipping on the ice, wear boots or shoes with a ridged sole.
      Leaving his entire fortune to his nephew Lewis, Zach signed his will with little trepidation.
  42. Identify the appositive phrases in the following sentences.
      I received a great letter of recommendation for a summer internship from Professor Williams, the head of our science department.
      Billie Jean King, a professional tennis player, was the first female athlete to win over $100,000 prize money in a single season.
      The American holly has been the state tree of Delaware, the first state to ratify the U. S. Constitution, since 1939.
  43. Determine whether each group of words is an independent or a subordinate clause.
      As I said
      I am learning ballroom dancing
      Here are some for you
      Well, I should say so
      That's life
      Stop that
  44. Identify the adjective clause in each sentence.
      I sang a song that my mom sang to me when I was a baby.
      The boy at the end of the line closed the door.
      The Asian market where they sell many exotic fruits is down the road from us.
  45. Identify the noun clause in each sentence.
      I know that drinking water is better than drinking soda.
      Do you know what time the store opens?
      I can't decide which shoes to wear.
  46. Identify the adverb clause in each sentence.
      Except for Tanya, we all got soaked while walking back from the auditorium.
      Whether or not you believe it, the decision is ultimately yours.
      Violet decided to go home for the holidays since her grandparents would be visiting, too.
  47. Identify the coordinating conjunctions in each sentence, and the word or group of words it is connecting.
      Gold or blue would be the best choice of color for the pillows.
      Danielle and Joanna watched a movie, popped popcorn, and stayed up all night talking.
      Sometimes we go to the lake so we can water-ski.
  48. Identify the simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.
    1. Some citizens voted in the town election, but many did not.
    2. To make mashed potatoes, just add butter and milk to the boiled potatoes and mash until creamy.
    3. Put your folded laundry away, please.
    4. Because Jill was late, she missed the introductory overview of the entire workshop.
  49. Add punctuation where necessary in the following sentences.
      On April 12 1861 the Civil War began with the battle at Fort Sumter
      The dentists hygienists and staff threw a surprise party for him
      Would you consider using Benjis or Jesss racket for now
  50. Correctly place quotation marks, commas, and end marks in the following sentences.
      It's not easy to memorize all of the mathematical formulae for algebra stated Mrs. Shapiro but we'll accomplish that by the year's end
      Would you make my steak sandwich without onions please asked Harry
      I began Courtney am not the only girl who feels that way
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