Comprehensive Grammar Review Practice Test

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Just like the Introductory Grammar Review Practice Test, this practice test contains 70 questions. After taking the practice tes and checking your answers against the answer key that follows, you will see how much you have learned. For each question you answer incorrectly, go over the answer explanation. Good luck!


Correct the words that require proper capitalization.

  1. the cat yawned lazily.
  2. i have been awake for hours.
  3. his books usually get good reviews.
  4. delaware was the first state in the union.
  5. my grandmother sent me money for my birthday.
  6. sam's neighbor's dog barks at night.
  7. i read the chronicles of narnia this past summer.
  8. italian food seems to be the most popular.
  9. "my, what big eyes you have," said little red riding hood.
  10. "all the better to see you with," replied the big bad wolf.


Insert proper punctuation into the following sentences.

  1. It was cold today
  2. How many people were at the dance
  3. She leisurely walked through the store
  4. Ouch that really hurt
  5. I didnt hear you clearly
  6. None of this game equipment belongs to me
  7. How was I supposed to know
  8. When the bell rang Kelly ran to the door
  9. Today is March 6 2007
  10. Drew a real estate broker is always taking phone calls
  11. Today you must wash the clothes dust vacuum make the beds and iron
  12. After studying her flash cards Julie tried to remember the answers
  13. It was late very late so I went to bed
  14. Her ankle was swollen it was more than she could bear
  15. I missed my dentist appointment at 400 yesterday
  16. After driving all that time about six hours she still hadn't reached her destination
  17. Please buy the following colors red white yellow blue orange pink and green
  18. The Force played hard they deserved to win
  19. I have forgotten the combination sighed Tina
  20. Austin replied Dont worry I wrote it down in my binder



In each sentence, circle the adjective(s).

  1. Jennifer, your recital was outstanding.
  2. The Florida sunshine is warm and inviting.
  3. Christian was elated to finally have a work-free weekend.
  4. Fourteen girls lined up in front of the green door.


In each sentence, circle the adverb(s).

  1. Harry's best friend moved away this summer.
  2. Nathan ran hard to train for the tournament.
  3. Anthony is sometimes careless with his belongings.
  4. There are too many names on the list now.
  5. The gondola gradually climbed the steep hillside.
  6. Stacy is sometimes late for class.

Prepositional Phrases

In each sentence, circle the prepositional phrase(s).

  1. Place the dirty dishes in the sink, please.
  2. After the movie, do you want to get ice cream at the diner?
  3. Go down the street about six blocks and turn right at the stoplight.

Tricky Words

In each sentence, circle the tricky word(s).

  1. It seams like ewe due knot want two bee hear write now.
  2. What blew and read shirt are ewe talking about?
  3. The mane point is that hour concerns are herd.
  4. The principle will sea ewe now.
  5. We have had two much reign this thyme.
  6. Actually, the boat sets sale early inn the mourning.
  7. The dog's tale wagged excitedly when I through the bawl to hymn.
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