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Updated on Aug 24, 2011

Now that you have read through all the chapters in this book, you are ready to take the test. Like the introductory test, the test has 50 questions, which cover the same topics presented in this book. The questions are similar to the Introductory Word Problems Practice Test, so that you can see your progress and improvement since taking the introductory test.

After completing the test, check your answers. Explanations are provided for every answer. Compare your score on the test to your score on the introductory test. Did you improve? Did you learn from any mistakes you made in the introductory test? The test can help you identify which areas you have mastered and which areas you need to practice. Return to the chapters that cover the topics that are tough for you until those topics become your strengths. You'll be able to ace the introductory test, this test, and every kind of word problem.

Answer the following questions. Reduce all fractions to their simplest form.

  1. Find the difference between 56 and 37.
  2. Each press at Post Plant can print 250 newspapers in an hour. How many newspapers can six presses print in an hour?
  3. There are 360 rooms in a hotel. If there are 15 floors in the hotel, how many rooms are on each floor?
  4. If Terra has 18 dresses and Souyma has 15 dresses, how many dresses do they have altogether?
  5. A hummingbird beats its wings 53 times per second. How many times does it beat its wings in a minute?
  6. A science experiment requires 5 milliliters of iodine and 120 milliliters of water. If the experiment will be performed 15 times, how much iodine is needed?
  7. Skate rental at Pro Rink costs $5.50, and the rink has 85 pairs of skates. If the rink orders 35 new pairs of skates, how many pairs will it have in total?
  8. There are 38 people in line waiting for the doors of a theater to open. After 17 people are let in, how many are still waiting outside?
  9. Dharmesh's party has 18 guests. If six more people arrive, how many people will be at the party?
  10. Svetlana, Veronica, Rachel, Susie, and Cara are each planning their birthday parties. Svetlana's birthday comes before Veronica's, but after Cara's birthday. Cara's birthday is before Susie's, but after Rachel's. If each girl has her party on her birthday, which party will happen first?
  11. A restaurant has booths for groups of four and tables for groups of five. If 53 people are seated at a total of 12 booths and tables, how many booths are filled and how many tables are filled?
  12. Megapark has a water park, an amusement park, and a kiddie park. On Sunday, 204 people visited the water park, 370 people visited the amusement park, and 295 people visited the kiddie park. There were 620 total visitors to Megapark that day, 77 of which went only to the water park, 187 of which went only to the amusement park, and 151 of which went only to the kiddie park. How many people visited all three parks?
  13. What is ten fewer than twelve?
  14. Alimi catches 23 fish. If Alimi catches 12 more fish than Larry, how many fish does Larry catch?
  15. Hector attends a book convention and adds 23 books to his collection. If he has 289 books now, how many did he have before the convention?
  16. A fountain contains 640 ounces of water. How many ounces are left in the fountain after 45 eight-ounce cups of water are filled?
  17. Ken is loading equipment onto a bus. Each knapsack weighs 12 pounds, and each duffel bag weighs 20 pounds. If Ken loads 12 knapsacks and five duffel bags onto the bus, how much weight in baggage is on the bus?
  18. A tour bus holds 22 people. The bus makes eight trips per day, and the tour bus company has nine buses. How many people can the tour bus company serve in five days?
  19. What is the sum of six fewer than eleven and nineteen?
  20. What is the product of eight and fourteen, minus the sum of twelve and four more than nine?
  21. Find an algebraic expression that is equal to seven more than the product of a number and thirteen.
  22. Write an algebraic expression that is equivalent to half the square of a number minus fifteen times the number.
  23. The sum of three times a number and eleven is equal to five. What is the number?
  24. One fewer than nine times a number is five more than eight times the number. Find the number.
  25. Negative six times a number, plus four, is less than twelve fewer than two multiplied by the number. Find the set of values that describes the number.
  26. Marco's gas tank is full. Over the weekend, he uses of the gas in the tank. What fraction of the tank is full now?
  27. Gino buys 2 pounds of chocolate. of the chocolate is white chocolate, and the rest is dark chocolate. If Gino shares the dark chocolate with five friends, how many pounds of chocolate does each friend receive?
  28. A leaky faucet loses 0.06 ounces of water per hour. At the end of a day, how many ounces of water has it lost?
  29. Christian's hard drive holds 50 gigabytes of data. He had 26.754 gigabytes of data saved, and then he deleted 8.24 gigabytes of that data. How many gigabytes of the hard drive are free?
  30. Dr. Wilcox can schedule 30 appointments per week. If he has 21 appointments for this week, what percent of his schedule is booked?
  31. An autographed celebrity photo normally sells for $120, but the price was increased by 15% when the celebrity's new movie was released. When the movie failed to do well, the price of the photo was reduced by 25%. What is the price of the photo now?
  32. Nora's thermometer says that the temperature is 77° Fahrenheit. What is the temperature in degrees Celsius?
  33. Janine puts $8,200 in a bank for three months. If she gains interest at a rate of 4.2% per year, how much interest does she earn?
  34. A roller coaster travels at a rate of 65 miles per hour for four seconds. To the nearest thousandth of a mile, how far did the roller coaster travel?
  35. Ida has a 20-ounce salt solution that is 5% salt. How much salt must she add to the solution to make it 50% salt?
  36. How many liters of water must be evaporated from 45 liters of a 15% alcohol solution to make the concentration 75% alcohol?
  37. Karen's jewelry box contains 12 necklaces and 30 pairs of earrings. What is the ratio of earrings to necklaces?
  38. A hockey team has 14 left-handed players and six right-handed players. What is the ratio of left-handed players to the total number of players?
  39. The ratio of cucumber slices to tomato slices in a salad is 4:3. If there are 12 cucumber slices in the salad, how many tomato slices are in the salad?
  40. The ratio of first-class seats to business-class seats on a plane is 2:25. If there are 324 total seats on the plane, how many seats are in first class?
  41. A mosaic contains red tiles and blue tiles. The ratio of red tiles to blue tiles is 3:8, and there are 1,692 red tiles in the mosaic. How many total tiles make up the mosaic?
  42. A library records the number of visitors it has each day for two weeks: 32, 45, 67, 77, 45, 56, 21, 34, 57, 71, 57, 42, 57, and 30, respectively. What is the range of visitors the library gets over those two weeks?
  43. There are six seventh-grade math classes at Sheepsend Middle School. The first class has 24 students, the second class has 27 students, the third class has 23 students, the fourth class has 26 students, the fifth class has 22 students, and the sixth class has 27 students. What is the median number of students in a seventh-grade math class at Sheepsend Middle School?
  44. A car lot has 12 sports cars, eight sport utility vehicles, three convertibles, six pickup trucks, and six mid-size cars. If Tony bought a car today, what is the likelihood that he bought either a sport utility vehicle or a pickup truck?
  45. A display rack contains ten postcards of New York, 20 postcards of Paris, eight postcards of London, four postcards of Rome, and three postcards of Tokyo. If Si buys two postcards, what is the probability that he bought a postcard of New York and a postcard of London?
  46. If a polygon has eight sides, what is the sum of its interior angles?
  47. The height of a triangle is 1.2 yards. If the area of the triangle is 1.98 square yards, what is the base of the triangle?
  48. The hypotenuse of triangle ABC is 65 inches. If one leg of the triangle is 25 inches, what is the length of the other leg?
  49. If the area of a circle is 169π square feet, what is the circumference of the circle?
  50. The volume of a sphere is 288π cubic centimeters. What is the surface area of the sphere?
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