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Naming Decimals

As with whole numbers, each digit of a decimal has a place value . The place value names are shown in Fig. 5-1 .

Naming Decimals

Fig. 5-1.

For example, in the number 0.6235, the 2 is in the hundredths place. The 5 is in the ten thousandths place.

When naming a decimal, read the number from left to right as you would read a whole number, and then use the place value name for the last digit of the number .


Example 1

Name 0.6235.

Solution 1

First write in words 6235, and then write the place value of the five after it:

Six thousand two hundred thirty-five ten thousandths.

Example 2

Name 0.000006.

Solution 2

Six millionths.

When there is a whole number and a decimal, the decimal part is written using the word "and."

Example 3

Name 57.263.

Solution 3

Fifty-seven and two hundred sixty-three thousandths.

Naming Decimals Practice Problems


Name each number:

1. 0.0032

2. 0.444

3. 0.87236

4. 39.61

5. 182.9


1. Thirty-two ten thousandths

2. Four hundred forty-four thousandths

3. Eighty-seven thousand two hundred thirty-six hundred thousandths

4. Thirty-nine and sixty-one hundredths

5. One hundred eighty-two and nine tenths

Practice problems for these concepts can be found at: Decimals Practice Test.

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