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Decimals in Word Problems

To solve a word problem involving decimals, follow the procedure :

  1. Read the problem carefully.
  2. Identify what you are being asked to find.
  3. Perform the correct operation or operations.
  4. Check your answer or at least see if it is reasonable.


Example 1

Normal body temperature is 98.68°F. If a man has a fever and his temperature is 101.2°F, how much higher is his temperature than normal?

Solution 1

Word Problems

Hence, his temperature is 2.6°F higher than normal.

Example 2

If an automobile averages 26.3 miles per gallon, how many gallons of gasoline will be needed for a trip that is a distance of 341.9 miles?

Solution 2

Divide 341.9 by 26.3:

Word Problems

Hence, 13 gallons will be needed.

Decimals in Word Problems Practice Problems


1. During the month of November, it snowed on six occasions. The amounts were 2.1 in., 1.87 in., 0.3 in., 0.95 in., 1.2 in., and 1.95 in. Find the total amount of snow during November.

2. Find the cost of making 154 copies at $0.07 per page.

3. A person borrowed $2688 to pay for a purchase. If it was to be paid back in 12 equal monthly payments over 4 years, find the monthly payment. No interest was charged.

4. A nurse withdrew 10.25 ml of medication from a bottle containing 16.3 ml. How much medication was left in the bottle?

5. In a state lottery, 8 people divided a prize of $20,510.40. How much was each person's share?


1. 8.37 in.

2. $10.78

3. $56

4. 6.05 ml

5. $2,563.80

Practice problems for these concepts can be found at: Decimals Practice Test.

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